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Austrian engineer and photographer

Wienerberger was recruited into the Army of the Austro-Hungarian empire during World War I. He was taken prisoner in 1915 and stayed in Russia after the war, where he spend 19 years until 1934. He was a chemical engineer specializing in explosives, and he built a chemical laboratory. In the 1920s he was a political prisoner in Lubyanka Prison, Moscow. From 1930? he established chemical factories in the Soviet Union, and worked as technical director. In 1931 a daughter was born. In 1933 he was technical director of a synthetic factory in Kharkiv and was witness to the man-made famine orchestrated by the Soviet Government, the Holodomor. His photographs — made with a Leica camera — are some of about only about 100 images that have been verified of this crisis. (Sometimes photos from the famine of 1921–1922 from Wolgau region are used erroneously to portray the Holodomor.) Back in Austria in 1934 he give the Vienna Arcbishop Theodor Innitzer an album with 25 pictures and hand written commentaries. In 1935 Ewald Ammende published in Vienna the Book Muss Russland Hungern? ("Must Russia Starve?") with pictures from Wienerberger. In 1939 Wienerberger published Hart auf Hart ("Hard Times") about his time as an engineer in the Soviet Union, which was compatible with the Nazi-regime. He also published other photographs ofthe Holodomor.
Date of birth/death before 1898 5 January 1955
Location of birth/death Austria Salzburg, Austria
Work period 1933-1942
Work location Ukraine, Austria
Authority control


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