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Example of a flow chart.

A flow chart is a schematic representation of an algorithm or a process, or the step-by-step solution of a problem.


Early data flow diagrams, late 19th century[edit]

20th century, first half[edit]

20th century, second half[edit]

21th century[edit]



The regular flow chart has one or more starting point and one or more endings. This chart is mostly vertically orientated from top to bottom. Some charts flow horizontal from left to right. And on other group of flow charts are vertically orientated but have ending both on the bottom and horizontal on one or both sides.


Diagrams from top to bottom.


Diagrams from left to right.

Vertical and horizontal[edit]

Diagrams starting for example on top, and ending on the bottom and left or right.

Building blocks[edit]

Unified building blocks[edit]

Text as building blocks[edit]

Only rectangular blocks[edit]

Illustrated building blocks[edit]

Number of blocks[edit]

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