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This is a gallery of flags of the branches of the armed forces of various countries.

Armed forces flags[edit]

Air force ensigns[edit]

See Military aircraft insignia for a gallery of air force roundels.

Army or other ground forces flags[edit]

Coast Guard flags and ensigns[edit]

Marine Corps flags[edit]

Navy flags and ensigns[edit]

See Maritime Flags for a gallery of naval jacks

Former armed forces flags[edit]


Kingdom of Bulgaria[edit]

People's Republic of Bulgaria[edit]


Republic of China[edit]

Colombia (Granadine Confederation)[edit]

Independent State of Croatia[edit]




German Confederation[edit]

German Empire (navy)[edit]

German Reich[edit]

East Germany[edit]

Iran (Persia)[edit]

Qajar Dynasty[edit]

Pahlavi Dynasty[edit]


Kingdom of Italy[edit]

Italian Social Republic[edit]

South Africa[edit]


Air Forces[edit]


Sri Lanka (Ceylon)[edit]

Thailand‎ (Siam)[edit]

‎Soviet Union[edit]


United States Armed Force[edit]


Kingdom of Yugoslavia[edit]

SFR Yugoslavia[edit]

See also[edit]

More broadly, any flag used by armed forces to represent themselves or the nation they serve can be considered a war or military flag.

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