Gallery of triband flags

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This is a gallery of triband flags showing horizontal, vertical, and diagonal tricolour and bicolour tribands.

Vertical triband[edit]

Vertical tricolour[edit]

Charged vertical tricolour[edit]

Vertical bicolour triband[edit]

Charged vertical bicolour triband[edit]

Charged fimbriated vertical bicolour triband[edit]

Horizontal triband[edit]

Horizontal tricolour[edit]

Charged horizontal tricolour[edit]

Fimbriated horizontal tricolour[edit]

Charged fimbriated horizontal tricolour[edit]

Horizontal bicolour triband[edit]

Charged horizontal bicolour triband[edit]

Fimbriated horizontal bicolour triband[edit]

Charged fimbriated horizontal bicolour triband[edit]

Diagonal triband[edit]

Diagonal tricolour[edit]

Charged diagonal tricolour[edit]

Fimbriated diagonal tricolour[edit]

Charged fimbriated diagonal tricolour[edit]

Diagonal bicolour triband[edit]

Charged diagonal bicolour triband[edit]

Fimbriated diagonal bicolour triband[edit]

Charged fimbriated diagonal bicolour triband[edit]

Horizontal and vertical bars[edit]


Charged tribar[edit]


Charged Polybar[edit]

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