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名前空間を使うことで、その名前を見れば「今の自分が居る場所」を把握しやすく、またリンクを作成するのも簡単になります。例えば、通常のURL方式で、このページのURLは、","になりますが、長すぎて読みにくいデメリットがあります。そこで、最後の部分のテキスト文字 "Help:Namespaces" だけを使い、リンクを作成することができます。



The Main namespace is used to display galleries of media (like image) on Wikimedia Commons. It is also called the Gallery namespace. Unlike the Help namespace and the other namespaces, the Main namespace has no prefix before the pagename.

Talk (ノート)[edit]

The Talk namespace is the discussion page for the Main namespace. This page is used to confer with other users about specific galleries in the main namespace.

User (利用者)[edit]

The User namespace is the place for users to post information about themselves for other users to see. Pages in the User namespaces are called user pages. You can access your own user page by clicking your name at the top of this page. Some users suggest that you should only include information pertinent to Wikimedia Commons on your user page, but no one will object if you place an image or two of your cat.

User talk(利用者のノート)[edit]

The User talk namespace is used for sending and receiving personal messages. You may send a message to another user by editing their user talk page just like you would edit any other page. If some one leaves you a message on your talk page, you will be notified when you log in.


The Category namespace is used to organise pages in other namespaces based on commons themes, for example, in the Category:Flags page you will find a list of all the pages that have contain the code [[Category:Flags]]. Hopefully all the pages in this category will have something to do with flags.

Category talk (カテゴリーのノート)[edit]

The Category talk page is used to discuss changes and additions to pages in the Category namespace.


The Commons namespace is an all-purpose namespace. It contains Wikimedia Commons policy, voting pages for the deletion of images and media, voting pages to grant users more power or inclusion into exclusive groups, complaints pages where users can request help in dealing with troublesome users, voting pages for banning users for Mediawiki Commons, users essays concerning topics of interest of Mediawiki Commons, and many other pages.

Commons talk[edit]

The Commons talk namespace contains the discussion pages for their respective pages in the commons namespace.

Image (画像)[edit]

The Image namespace is where all the images and media (such as audio and movie clips) are stored. The is the real main namespace of Mediawiki Commons. On image pages you will usually find the image as well as its copyright information, author, description, and much more.

Image talk (画像のノート)[edit]

The Image talk namespace is used to discuss images in the image namespace, although it rarely used compared to other talk namespaces.


The MediaWiki namespace is mysterious. Its purpose is unknown. Please be careful if you plan on visiting uncharted areas of Mediawiki Commons.

MediaWiki talk[edit]

The MediaWiki talk namespace contains the talk pages for their respective pages in the MediaWiki namespace.

Help (ヘルプ)[edit]

The Help namespace hopefully contains all of the help pages for Wikimedia Commons.

Help talk[edit]

The Help talk namespace is used for discussion of the Help pages.


The Template namespace stores commonly used code for other namespaces. Most templates contain code that creates a box with predefined information along with customised information. This is often used for welcoming and warning users on their user talk pages.

Template talk[edit]

I hope you understand the convention by now and already know that the Template talk namespace is used for discussions for pages in the Template namespace.


This is a mysterious namespace. You remember what happened to the curious cat (he died, I believe). Don't let this happen to you. Be careful in the virgin lands of Mediawiki Commons.

Creator talk Search for[edit]

The namespace is presumably used for discussions of pages in the Creator namespace in addition to its special (and mysterious) searching feature.