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Uploads on Wikimedia Commons are normally limited to a maximum file size of 104,8 MB (100 MiB) (1000 MiB = 1 GiB = 1048576000 Bytes with Upload Wizard and chunked uploading). However, system administrators have ways to circumvent this limit, and you may ask for their help if needed.


  • URL(s), publicly accessible without logins or passwords[1], to
    • the files themselves. They should already have the correct names
    • the file description page (wikitext) for each file, as a .txt file. So the description page for Foo.ogv should be in Foo.txt
  • User name to use for the upload
  • Commitment to deal with post-upload complaints. Regarding licence or file description...

Providing the files as ZIP/TAR/TGZ archives is fine (and preferred for larger numbers of files).


Please file a request on Phabricator (more information on Phabricator), where a system administrator will process your request.

Examples of past requests: bugzilla:31175, bugzilla:34771, bugzilla:33475, bugzilla:32236, bugzilla:31188, etc.

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  1. You can use Google Drive to host your files:
    1. Upload the file to Google Drive
    2. Make the file 'Public to the web'
    3. Copy the ID of the published file and append it to ***append**ID*** (The prefix turns the URL into a hotlink)