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Liquorice ("licorice" in US English) is a plant (Glycyrrhiza glabra) whose woody root has traditionally been either chewed for its juice or used to make a strong-tasting, black confectionery.

Liquorice root used to be commonly sold to children in the UK, and was often known as "Spanish wood". In various European countries, it is still sold by street vendors, particularly at festival time. "Spanish wood" is now largely unknown in the UK, but people now enjoy reels of liquorice confectionery, or "liquorice allsorts" consisting of alternating layers of candy and this liquorice confectionery.

In Holland, the confectionery is very popular and called "drop". There are many variations available.

Nederlands: Drop is een snoepgoed, dat wordt gemaakt van het wortelsap van de zoethoutplant Glycyrrhiza glabra. Voor de smaak wordt een zoetstof en ammoniumchloride toegevoegd
Suomi: Lakritsi on lakritsikasvin juurta sisältävä makeinen.


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