Maps of Nagano prefecture

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English: Maps of Nagano Prefecture, Japan.
日本語: 日本国長野県の地図。


Towns and Villages[edit]

Minamisaku District (南佐久郡)[edit]

Kitasaku District (北佐久郡)[edit]

Chiisagata District (小県郡)[edit]

Suwa District (諏訪郡)[edit]

Kamiina District (上伊那郡)[edit]

Shimoina District (下伊那郡)[edit]

Kiso District (木曽郡)[edit]

Higashichikuma District (東筑摩郡)[edit]

Kitaazumi District (北安曇郡)[edit]

Hanishina District (埴科郡)[edit]

Kamitakai District (上高井郡)[edit]

Shimotakai District (下高井郡)[edit]

Kamiminochi District (上水内郡)[edit]

Shimominochi District (下水内郡)[edit]

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