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Quick help

  • Click on the Click here to get help buttons (or the [?] links) to pop-up a help text for the corresponding input field.
  • If you need multi-line input fields for the source and author information, click the button to the right of the fields.
  • To add more descriptions in other languages, click the button below the last description field. Select the language in the drop-down menu to the left.
  • If you select a license in the drop-down menu, a button (normally Preview the chosen license) appears to preview the chosen license.
  • Pop-ups can be closed by clicking their close button Button normal.svg, by clicking again the button that opened them, or by hitting the Esc-key.
  • To see how the description of the file will look after the upload, click the "Preview" button. This will not upload the image yet.
  • You do not need to add an {{information}} template; the form will construct one for you.
  • If you already have an {{information}} template or similar template ready to copy/paste, use the basic upload form. To always use the old basic form layout, click here or uncheck "ImprovedUploadFormd On Special:Upload, show an easier form and help. [documentation / talk] " on the "Gadgets" tab of your preferences.