Paxton's Flower Garden (Orchidaceae)

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Fairytale key enter-2.png Paxton's Flower Garden
by John Lindley and Joseph Paxton

(Orchids only)
  • First edition: Lindley, John: Paxton's Flower Garden, London: Bradbury & Evans, 1850 [-1853].
    With 108 hand-coloured engravings after Louis Aristide Léon Constans.
    Volume 1: plate 1 - 36. Volume 2: plate 37 - 72. Volume 3: plate 73 - 108.
  • Second edition: Lindley, John: Paxton's Flower Garden, [New edition revised by Thomas Baines], London: Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co., 1882 [-1884].
    With 108 chromolithographic plates, 87 from the first edition (without Constans’ name), 21 new plates, some of them signed by W. H. Fitch.

(ref. by RHS Lindley Library [1])


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