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Category:RCategory:R&B Travel (bus company)Category:R&B musicians from Sweden
Category:R&D SportCategory:R&ER Flower of the ForestCategory:R&ER No. 10 Northern Rock
Category:R&ER No. 3 MurielCategory:R&ER No. 3 River IrtCategory:R&ER No. 7 River Esk
Category:R&ER No. 9 River MiteCategory:R&I Coaches (bus company)Category:R'Qs MotorSports
Category:R* treeCategory:R+V VersicherungCategory:R-05 Vöcsök
Category:R-07Category:R-08 PilisCategory:R-1
Category:R-10 57mm anti-aircraft gunCategory:R-11 CimboraCategory:R-11 Refueler Truck
Category:R-12Category:R-123Category:R-12 Kevély
Category:R-13 SS-N-4Category:R-14Category:R-142N
Category:R-149MA1Category:R-14 (ship, 1991)Category:R-166
Category:R-166-0,5Category:R-167 (aircraft)Category:R-17 Tenente Magalhães (tugboat, 1982)
Category:R-18 (ship, 1992)Category:R-2Category:R-20
Category:R-22Category:R-229 (ship, 1987)Category:R-22 Június
Category:R-239 (ship, 1989)Category:R-23 GébicsCategory:R-261 (ship, 1988)
Category:R-26S GóbéCategory:R-26 (salon)Category:R-27 class large missile boat
Category:R-2M submersibleCategory:R-3Category:R-30
Category:R-30 (ship, 1983)Category:R-31 DuplaCategory:R-32
Category:R-32 (ship, 2000)Category:R-34Category:R-35
Category:R-394KMCategory:R-40Category:R-44 (ship, 1978)
Category:R-5 (rocket)Category:R-71 (ship, 1983)Category:R-71 (ship, 1985)
Category:R-7 (rocket)Category:R-7 SemyorkaCategory:R-80 Project R-80 Riverboats
Category:R-9ACategory:R-Class cruise shipsCategory:R-Evolution League
Category:R-FreshCategory:R-H-S 76 U lomu casemateCategory:R-H-S 77 U pozorovatelny casemate
Category:R-H-S 78 Na pasece casemateCategory:R-H-S 79 Na mýtině casemateCategory:R-H-S 79a U silnice casemate
Category:R-H-S 80 U potůčku casemateCategory:R-H-S 91 Vrchol casemateCategory:R-Net
Category:R-SMA connectorsCategory:R-S 54 Na potoku casemateCategory:R-S 55 Na palouku casemate
Category:R-S 56 Na křižovatce casemateCategory:R-S 57 U studánky casemateCategory:R-S 58 Na svahu casemate
Category:R-S 59 V polomu casemateCategory:R-S 60 Na cestě casemateCategory:R-S 61 Na kopečku casemate
Category:R-S 62 Na stráni casemateCategory:R-S 63 Centrála casemateCategory:R-S 64 V oboře casemate
Category:R-S 65 Modřín casemateCategory:R-S 66 Křivá casemateCategory:R-S 67 Ohrada casemate
Category:R-S 68 Smrk casemateCategory:R-S 69 Kaplička casemateCategory:R-S 70 Mýtina casemate
Category:R-S 71 Vysoká casemateCategory:R-S 72 Nízká casemateCategory:R-S 73 Na okraji casemate
Category:R-S 74 Na holém casemateCategory:R-S 75 U křížku casemateCategory:R-S 81 U obrázku casemate
Category:R-S 82 Poslední casemateCategory:R-S 83 Chata casemateCategory:R-S 84 Arnošt casemate
Category:R-S 85 Anna casemateCategory:R-S 86 U paseky casemateCategory:R-S 87 Průsek casemate
Category:R-S 88 Mlází casemateCategory:R-S 89 U silnice casemateCategory:R-S 90/II Levý casemate
Category:R-S 90/I Pravý casemateCategory:R-T-H-P-L-A van Boneval FaureCategory:R-Zone
Category:R-class sloop PirateCategory:R-specific alcohol dehydrogenaseCategory:R-tree
Category:R... RajkumarCategory:R.A.A. LouviéroiseCategory:R.A.Moog
Category:R.A. the Rugged ManCategory:R.Amundsen (Ship)Category:R.B.Graflex
Category:R.Bot 100Category:R.C. HarrisCategory:R.D. Bailey Lake
Category:R.D. SinghCategory:R.D. Whitehead MonumentCategory:R.E.M.
Category:R.E.S. DurbuysienneCategory:R.E. Farm CemeteryCategory:R.E. Grave, Railway Wood
Category:R.F.K. Memorial StadiumCategory:R.G. Stewart (ship, 1878)Category:R.H. Electronics Light Pen
Category:R.H. RobertsonCategory:R.H. vehiclesCategory:R.I.O.
Category:R.I.P.Category:R.J. Corman Railroad GroupCategory:R.J. Corman Railroad Group diesel locomotives
Category:R.J. Foote (ship, 1939)Category:R.J. Jones Travel (bus company)Category:R.K.Kweekschool Groesbeekseweg 152, Nijmegen
Category:R.K.Kweekschool Groesbeekseweg 152, fire damage 1-1-2014Category:R.K. Kerk De Doortocht, ZoetermeerCategory:R.K. Kerkhof (Groningen)
Category:R.L. BurnsideCategory:R.L. Ireland (ship, 1903)Category:R.L. Polk & Co.
Category:R.M. StaiggCategory:R.O.B.Category:R.P. Rithet (ship, 1882)
Category:R.R. Donnelley and Sons Co. Calumet PlantCategory:R.SACategory:R.U.R.
Category:R.U.R. (divadlo DOMA)Category:R.U.T.A.Category:R.V. College of Engineering
Category:R.W. Confer (tug)Category:R.W. Confer (tugboat, 1930)Category:R. & J. Beck
Category:R. & J. D.Category:R. A. BrockCategory:R. A. Butler
Category:R. A. DickeyCategory:R. A. Dvorského (Prague)Category:R. A. M. Bergman
Category:R. B. KitajCategory:R. B. Ricketts FallsCategory:R. B. Schneider house (Fremont, Nebraska)
Category:R. B. UttingCategory:R. B. Winter State ParkCategory:R. Balki
Category:R. Barry Palmer (tugboat, 1965)Category:R. BinduCategory:R. C. Harris
Category:R. C. Harris Water Treatment PlantCategory:R. C. Rickmers (ship, 1906)Category:R. C. T. Lee
Category:R. CanCategory:R. Channing ReisCategory:R. Clint Cole
Category:R. David PaulisonCategory:R. Del Rio (Gijon)Category:R. F. Graf
Category:R. F. MyllerCategory:R. G. Kar Medical College and HospitalCategory:R. G. Tietze
Category:R. GopakumarCategory:R. H. Beamer HouseCategory:R. H. Munford Cemetery (Covington, Tennessee)
Category:R. H. RobertsonCategory:R. HornemannCategory:R. Hunt and Company Limited
Category:R. J. AdamsCategory:R. J. ArcherCategory:R. J. Hackett (ship, 1869)
Category:R. J. O'Brien's General StoreCategory:R. J. Reynolds Tobacco CompanyCategory:R. J. Reynolds family
Category:R. J. SwindleCategory:R. J. UmbergerCategory:R. Jaekel’s Nachf.
Category:R. James Woolsey, Jr.Category:R. K. Kerk DoorwerthCategory:R. Kan Albay
Category:R. KellyCategory:R. L. DausCategory:R. L. Drake Company
Category:R. L. LindquistCategory:R. Lee ErmeyCategory:R. Luxembourg street, 14-a (Yekaterinburg)
Category:R. Luxembourg street, 19 (Yekaterinburg)Category:R. Luxembourg street, 20 (Yekaterinburg)Category:R. Luxembourg street, 3 (Yekaterinburg)
Category:R. Luxembourg street, 54 (Yekaterinburg)Category:R. Luxembourg street, 5 (Yekaterinburg)Category:R. M. Kliment & Frances Halsband
Category:R. M. Schindler House (West Hollywood, CA)Category:R. MagisCategory:R. N. Linn House
Category:R. N. ShettyCategory:R. Nathaniel Dett British Methodist Episcopal ChurchCategory:R. Nicholas Burns
Category:R. Niels MarquardtCategory:R. Norris WilliamsCategory:R. O. Hicks House
Category:R. O. Phillips house (Lincoln, Nebraska)Category:R. O. Stake house (Lincoln, Nebraska)Category:R. Oldenbourg Verlag
Category:R. Premadasa StadiumCategory:R. R. McIanCategory:R. R. Patil
Category:R. RijksenCategory:R. S. SubbalakshmiCategory:R. Sampanthan
Category:R. SarathkumarCategory:R. Sayer & J. BennettCategory:R. Scott Fishe
Category:R. Siva KumarCategory:R. T. RybakCategory:R. Tait McKenzie
Category:R. Thomas BuffenbargerCategory:R. Thomas ShortCategory:R. Tucker Thompson (ship, 1985)
Category:R. Törley MáriaCategory:R. V. College of EngineeringCategory:R. W. Estes Celery Company Precooler Historic District
Category:R. Walker NicklessCategory:R. Walter RiehlmanCategory:R. Warner & B.S. Williams - The Orchid Album
Category:R. van Hasselt (ship, 1915)Category:R/P FLIPCategory:R/V Ferrel (ship, 1968)
Category:R/V Ka‘imikai-o-Kanaloa (ship, 1979)Category:R/V ShenehonCategory:R0 (Belgium)
Category:R1-1 - StopCategory:R1-1 - Stop (Australia)Category:R1-2 - Give Way (Australia)
Category:R1-2 - YieldCategory:R1-3 - 4-WayCategory:R1-3 - Give Way Roundabout (Australia)
Category:R1-4 - All WayCategory:R1-5 - Yield here to PedestriansCategory:R1-6 - In-Street Pedestrian Crossing
Category:R1-9 - Overhead Pedestrian CrossingCategory:R1/230/A-140 Z light pillboxCategory:R1/29/A-160 Z light pillbox
Category:R10-11 - No Turn on RedCategory:R10-3 - Push button for walk signalCategory:R10-4 - Push Button for Green Signal
Category:R100 & R101 Exhibition, Bedford MuseumCategory:R101Category:R102 road (South Africa)
Category:R10 Series: Traffic SignalCategory:R11-003 (aircraft)Category:R11/R34 (New York City Subway car)
Category:R110 (New York City Subway car)Category:R112 road (Ireland)Category:R113 road (Ireland)
Category:R11 Principe de Asturias (ship, 1988)Category:R11 Series: Road ClosedCategory:R12 (Belgium)
Category:R12 Series: Weight LimitsCategory:R131 Norrköping (ship, 1973)Category:R136
Category:R136a1Category:R13 Series: Weight StationsCategory:R14-2 - Hazardous Materials Permitted
Category:R142 (New York City Subway car)Category:R143 (New York City Subway car)Category:R14 Series: Truck Routes
Category:R14 Trade Winds (ship, 1987)Category:R14 batteriesCategory:R15-1 - Highway-Rail Grade Crossing
Category:R15-2 - Number of tracksCategory:R158 roadCategory:R15 Series: Rail and Light Rail
Category:R160 (New York City Subway car)Category:R16 Series: Seat Belts and Headlight UseCategory:R183 road (Ireland)
Category:R188 (New York City Subway car)Category:R189 road (Ireland)Category:R19d (road sign, France)
Category:R1 (Belgium)Category:R1 (nuclear reactor)Category:R1 (road sign, France)
Category:R1 (road sign, Greece)Category:R1 Series: Stop and YieldCategory:R1 batteries
Category:R1 subunit of ribonucleotide reductase, N-terminal domainCategory:R2-1 - Speed LimitCategory:R2-2 - Truck Speed Limit
Category:R2-3 - Night Speed LimitCategory:R2-4 - Minimum SpeedCategory:R2-5 - Reduced Speed
Category:R2-6 - Fines HigherCategory:R2-D2Category:R2-D2 mailboxes
Category:R20 (Belgium)Category:R21 (Belgium)Category:R21 (New York City Subway car)
Category:R21 Tritão (tugboat, 1987)Category:R228Category:R228 in Saratov Oblast