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19:58, 8 September 2014 View from Rabenturm in Mühlhausen.jpg (file) 6.13 MB Neue, aktuelle Version vom August '14.
13:29, 7 June 2014 Strassburg-Sandplätzel-Schild.png (file) 70 KB User created page with UploadWizard
11:17, 7 June 2014 Treibjagd-Luxemburg.png (file) 117 KB User created page with UploadWizard
21:18, 21 May 2014 Altes Rathaus und Knobelsdorffhaus - Potsdam (2014).png (file) 26.31 MB User created page with UploadWizard
23:11, 3 June 2013 Devonianscene-green.jpg (file) 483 KB Slightly improved image quality
00:32, 17 January 2013 Kranzhorn von Nordwesten.jpg (file) 361 KB {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Kranzhorn mountain in Bavaria, seen from the north west.}} {{de|1=Das Kranzhorn in Oberbayern von Nordwesten asu gesehen.}} |Source ={{own}} |Author =36ophiuchi |Date =...
17:03, 25 February 2012 Kiel Hafen vom CAP Januar 2012.png (file) 9.69 MB {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Kiel port: „Hörn“ is called the southern end of Kiel Inner Fjord; left hand side: Kiel Railway Station (central station) with its eastern entry. „Hörn-Bridge“ is a connection from the western shore to the...
10:05, 15 October 2010 German and Japanese spheres of influence at greatest extent World War II 1942.jpg (file) 172 KB {{Information |Description={{en|The German and the Japanese direct spheres of influence at their greatest extents during the Second World War in fall 1942. Arrows show planned movements to an agreed demarcation line at 70° E, which was, however, never ev
12:52, 30 August 2010 Cityscape Frankfurt 2010-2.jpg (file) 2.24 MB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Cityscape of Frankfurt am Main, Germany}} {{de|1=Blick von Süden über das Stadtbild von Frankfurt am Main}} |Source=*[[:File:Cityscape_Frankfurt_2010.j
18:08, 22 July 2010 Cassini-OntarioLacus-RADAR.jpg (file) 329 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1= This RADAR-image of Ontario Lacus, the largest lake on the southern hemisphere of Saturn's moon Titan, was obtained by NASA's Cassini spacecraft on Jan. 12, 2010. North is up in this image. Objects appear bright
21:22, 13 November 2009 MarsTraceGasMission-Orbiter.jpg (file) 60 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=The orbiter of the Mars Trace Gas Mission (TGM) planned to be maunched in 2016.}} {{de|1=Doe Orbitersonde der für 2016 geplanten Mars Trace Gas Mission (TGM).}} |Source=
21:11, 13 November 2009 MAX-C-Rover.jpg (file) 80 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Depiction of the proposed Mars Astrobiology Explorer-Cacher (MAX-C)-Rover.}} {{de|1=Darstellung des geplanten Mars Astrobiology Explorer-Caher (MAX-C)-Marsrovers.}} |Source=
19:25, 31 October 2009 Vorschläge-Kreisreform-Thüringen.png (file) 157 KB Just corrected some colours...
08:34, 18 September 2009 Anklam2.jpg (file) 217 KB {{Information |Description=Anklam, view from the market place towards the Steintor |Source=*File:Anklam2.gif |Date=2009-09-18 08:31 (UTC) |Author=*File:Anklam2.gif: User:36ophiuchi *derivative work: ~~~ |Permission=see below |other_version
14:53, 30 January 2009 TSSM-TandEM-Lander.jpg (file) 10 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=The lander probe as envisioned by the Titan Saturn System Mission slated for launch in 2020 and bound for a splash down in Kraken Mare on Titan around 2030.}} {{de|1=Die Landersonde, welche Hauptbestandteil der für 2020
14:51, 30 January 2009 TSSM-TandEM-Montgolfiere.jpg (file) 20 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=The montgolfiére, which is part of the proposed Titan Saturn System Mission slated for launch in 2020. Around 2029 it is slated to enter Titan's atmosphere and circumnavigate the moon for six months.}} {{de|1=Der Heißlu
14:48, 30 January 2009 TSSM-TandEM-Orbiter.jpg (file) 71 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=The orbiter probe which is planned to be part of the proposed Titan Saturn System Mission. Slated for launch in 2020 it is planned to arrive at the Saturn system around 2029 and to enter orbit around Titan in 2031.}} {{de
10:02, 5 July 2007 Sopron wappen.JPG (file) 13 KB {{Information |Description=*Wappen der Stadt Ödenburg/Sopron in Ungarn. *''Seal of the city of Ödenburg/Sopron in Hungary.'' |Source=From German Wikipedia. |Date= |Author= |Permission= |other_versions= }}
16:15, 11 June 2007 AltPoppelau.jpg (file) 61 KB {{Information |Description=*Deutsch: Ortsschild von Alt-Poppelau im Oppelner Land. *English: Town sign of Alt-Poppelau (Popielów) near Opole in Poland. |Source=self-made |Date=August '06 |Author= 36ophiuchi }}