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This special page shows all uploaded files that have not been deleted; for those see Special:Log.

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Date Name Thumbnail Size Description
22:53, 1 January 2011 Map Peloponnesian War 431 BC-en.svg (file) 3.48 MB {{Information |Description={{en|Map of the nations during the start of the Peloponnesian War around 431 BC.}} |Source=*File:Map_Peloponnesian_War_431_BC-fr.svg |Date=2011-01-01 22:51 (UTC) |Author=*File:Map_Peloponnesian_War_431_BC-fr.svg: [[U
17:14, 21 December 2010 Gayundah03.jpg (file) 69 KB {{Information |Description={{en|View of the rusting hulk of HMQS Gayundah from the road at Woody Point, Queensland.}} |Source=Transferred from [ en.wikipedia]; transfer was stated to be made by User:Aeonx. |Date={{Date|2006|12|0
17:09, 21 December 2010 Gayundah02.jpg (file) 69 KB cropped, denoise
15:22, 21 December 2010 Gayundah01.jpg (file) 90 KB {{Information |Description={{en|Final resting place of the once mighty HMQS Gayundah}} |Source=Transferred from [ en.wikipedia]; transfer was stated to be made by User:Aeonx. |Date={{Date|2006|12|03}} (original upload date) |Aut
10:25, 30 November 2010 Arthur Cumming 2.jpg (file) 32 KB crop top
22:17, 29 November 2010 Rear Admiral George Murray.jpg (file) 102 KB cropped
01:48, 29 November 2010 Africainvasion.JPG (file) 63 KB cropped, denoise, higher quality save.
22:44, 25 November 2010 ClaymoreHighlanderReplica rotated.jpg (file) 229 KB {{Information |Description=A replica of a claymore used in the movie "Highlander" |Source=*File:ClaymoreHighlanderReplica.jpg |Date=2010-11-25 22:43 (UTC) |Author=*File:ClaymoreHighlanderReplica.jpg: Douglas Whitaker *derivative work: ~~~ |Per
22:08, 25 November 2010 Claymore (PSF)-2.jpg (file) 23 KB cropped(maintained aspect ratio), removed background coloration rectangle (now entirely plain white)
23:41, 23 November 2010 OG3014ANo.71Wing1945.jpg (file) 68 KB Removed tint (mostly) - not strictly B/W
04:12, 15 November 2010 Sword parts no scabbard.PNG (file) 32 KB {{Information |Description={{en|Labeled diagram of a sword without its scabbard.}} {{fr|Diagramme avec labels d'une épée et de son fourreau.}} |Source=*File:Sword_parts.svg |Date=2010-11-15 04:10 (UTC) |Author=*File:Sword_parts.svg: Traced b
04:26, 13 November 2010 HMQS Gayundah (AWM 300017).jpg (file) 135 KB {{Retouched picture|Removed tint.|editor=~~~|orig=|origoff=}}
11:30, 11 November 2010 369th Fighter Squadron - World War II - Emblem.png (file) 85 KB {{Retouched picture|Sharpened image|editor=Aeonx}}
01:59, 7 November 2010 Australian Army Emblem Transparent.png (file) 70 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=The "Rising Sun", emblem of the Australian Army.}} |Source=*File:Australian_Army_Emblem.JPG |Date=2010-11-07 01:56 (UTC) |Author=*File:Australian_Army_Emblem.JPG: Ruob *derivative work: ~~~ |Perm