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This special page shows all uploaded files that have not been deleted; for those see Special:Log.

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21:31, 9 June 2007 STS-117-Launch-Jun8-2007.ogg (file) 3.89 MB w:NASA TV coverage of w:STS-117 on June 8, 2007, from w:Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Transcoded to Theora from []. Category:STS-117
04:06, 29 May 2007 Dodger-Stadium-Panorama-052707.jpg (file) 344 KB {{Information |Description=Panorama of w:Dodger Stadium in w:Los Angeles (taken from third or fourth deck). Teams pictured are the w:Chicago Cubs (grey) and the w:Los Angeles Dodgers (white). Game pictured is played on the 50th anniv
03:38, 15 April 2007 Dow-Diamond-Panorama-Apr14-2007.jpg (file) 102 KB {{Information |Description=w:Dow Diamond w:ballpark in w:Midland, Michigan, w:United States on w:April 14, w:2007. |Source=Composite of five self-made images, composed by Autostitch. |Date=14 April 2007 |Author=Jake N. ([[w:U
02:32, 7 April 2007 Steelback-Ctr-SSM-ON-040107.jpg (file) 134 KB {{Information |Description=Interior of the w:Steelback Centre in w:Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, w:Canada on April 1, 2007. |Source=Two user-created photos, composite created using [ Autos
20:00, 16 March 2007 Staples-Center-LA-Kings-Mar-15-2007.jpg (file) 536 KB {{Information |Description=Staples Center minutes before the start of an w:LA Kings game. Taken by Jake N. on night of March 15, 2007's game between the Kings and the w:Chicago Blackhawks. This downscaled image from the original is licensed un
02:06, 2 February 2007 Dow-Event-Center-Saginaw-MI.jpg (file) 175 KB The w:Dow Event Center's Wendler Arena on January 31, 2007, during warmup of the 2007 OHL All-Star Classic game between the Western and Eastern Conferences. Taken by me (Jake N.), I release this lower-resolution version under terms of the CC-BY-2.5
04:24, 31 January 2007 Tom-Pyatt-Saginaw-Spirit.jpg (file) 63 KB w:Tom Pyatt of the w:Saginaw Spirit during a signing event after the OHL All-Stars Skills Competition in Saginaw, Michigan on January 30, 2007. Taken by me on my mobile phone, I release into public domain.
02:51, 17 January 2007 Chevy-Volt-NAIAS-2007-LoRes.jpg (file) 115 KB The w:Chevrolet Volt concept car at w:NAIAS 2007, taken on January 13, 2007 by w:User:Mrmiscellanious. This low-resolution version is licensed under the terms of the CC-BY-2.5 license, please attribute to "Jake N.".
04:39, 4 November 2006 Barbour-DeVos-Romney-Saginaw-MI-Nov-3-2006-Cropped.jpg (file) 48 KB w:Haley Barbour, w:Dick DeVos and w:Mitt Romney drop the puck at the w:Saginaw Spirit hockey game against the w:Barrie Colts on w:November 3, w:2006 at the w:Dow Event Center. This image was cropped substantially f
03:43, 29 September 2006 Zilwaukee-Bridge-September-.jpg (file) 263 KB {{Information |Description=The w:Zilwaukee Bridge in w:Zilwaukee, Michigan. |Source=Own photo |Date=September 10, 2006 |Author=Myself |Permission=CC-BY-2.5 |other_versions= }}
03:22, 28 September 2006 Clay-Pigeons-Loaded.jpg (file) 205 KB Clay Pigeons loaded into an automatic thrower. Picture taken by me on my phone, released into the PD. Category:Targets
23:54, 10 September 2006 Ford-Field-September-10-2006.jpg (file) 1.9 MB w:Ford Field in w:Detroit on September 10, 2006. Image taken by me (User:Mrmiscellanious), released under the terms of the CC-BY-2.5.
03:41, 10 September 2006 STS-115-Launch-September-9-2006.ogg (file) 12.4 MB {{Information| |Description=STS-115 mission - Space Shuttle Atlantis launches from Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida on [[w:September 9|Septe
17:57, 21 August 2006 Skyway-Amway-Grand-to-DeVos-Place.jpg (file) 1.74 MB The w:skyway between the w:Amway Grand Plaza Hotel and the w:DeVos Place Convention Center in w:Grand Rapids, Michigan, facing the Amway Grand. Photo taken by me, release under terms of the CC-BY-2.5.
17:44, 21 August 2006 Amway-Grand-Grand-Rapids-MI.jpg (file) 657 KB A portion of the w:Amway Grand Hotel in downtown w:Grand Rapids, Michigan. Self-made photo, release into PD.
23:56, 2 August 2006 James-Brady-August-2-2006.jpg (file) 34 KB w:James Brady on August 2, 2006 at a White House Press Briefing.
22:01, 17 July 2006 Meijer-Midland-MI-July-16-2006.jpg (file) 220 KB A w:Meijer store in w:Midland, Michigan on July 16, 2006. Taken by me on my w:RAZR phone, released into PD.
20:20, 4 July 2006 STS-121-Launch-July-4-2006.ogg (file) 6.07 MB {{Information| |Description=w:STS-121 mission - w:Space Shuttle w:Discovery launches from w:Kennedy Space Center in w:Cape Canaveral, Florida on w:July 4, 2006 (Independence Day). Sourc
20:11, 20 June 2006 Midland-Center-For-The-Arts.jpg (file) 2.08 MB {{Information| |Description=The Midland Center for the Arts in w:Midland, Michigan, w:United States of America. |Source=Jake Novak |Date=June 20, 2006 |Author=Jake Novak |Permission=Attribution 2.5 |other_versions= }} {{cc-by-2.5}}
18:54, 20 June 2006 Tridge-Midland-MI.jpg (file) 2.46 MB Crop, rotate, contrast
18:40, 20 June 2006 Grace-A-Dow-Library-Midland.jpg (file) 2.35 MB {{Information| |Description=w:Grace A Dow Library in w:Midland, Michigan. |Source=Jake Novak |Date=June 20, 2006 |Author=Jake Novak |Permission=Attribution 2.5 |other_versions= }} {{cc-by-2.5}}
16:11, 18 June 2006 NWS-Mosaic-Radar-Composite.gif (file) 318 KB w:National Weather Service "Mosaic" Radar Composite for the lower 48 states. Composite created on June 18, 2006 at 1558 w:UTC {{PD-USGov}}
15:44, 12 June 2006 2006-ALBERTO-0606121135.jpg (file) 90 KB {{Information| |Description=Tropical Storm Alberto in the Gulf of Mexico on 12 June 2006 at 1445 UTC time. |Source= |Date=12 June 2006 |Author=NOAA |Permission=Original work of the US Federal Government - public doma
21:26, 8 June 2006 Skype-Call.jpg (file) 317 KB A SkypeOut call recieved by a Verizon Wireless-branded Motorola RAZR V3c mobile phone. Picture taken by me, released into public domain.
00:54, 5 June 2006 Ford-Field-from-Comerica-Park.jpg (file) 645 KB The Western portion of the roof of w:Ford Field, visible from w:Comerica Park, separated by Adams Street. My own photo, release into public domain. {{pd}}
00:27, 5 June 2006 Comerica-Park-Detroit-MI-Panorama.jpg (file) 5.98 MB A panorama of w:Comerica Park on June 4, 2006, stitched from a sequence of three images taken at 12:58 local time (16:58 UTC). Teams shown on the field are the w:Boston Red Sox (grey, visitors) against the w:Detroit Tigers (white, home).
03:42, 12 May 2006 Midland-Community-Stadium.jpg (file) 417 KB  
15:56, 9 April 2006 Three-hour-old-kitten.jpg (file) 207 KB A newborn kitten, about three hours old. Self-made picture, cropped from original, released in PD.
20:14, 5 April 2006 AWN-NB-040506-2000.ogg (file)
1.01 MB Audio Wikinews: News Brief for April 5, 2006 recorded at 20:00 UTC time. Created by Mrmiscellanious, licensed under CC-By-2.5 license, with attribution going to '''Wikinews'''. Category: Audio Wikinews == Licensing == {{cc-by-2.5}}
01:29, 1 April 2006 AWN-NB-033106-2359.ogg (file)
674 KB Fix weird echo
00:13, 27 February 2006 OHL-Hockey-Plymouth-Whalers-vs-Saginaw-Spirit.jpg (file) 255 KB Color adjustments
18:24, 25 February 2006 Iced-tree-limbs-in-sun.jpg (file) 2.11 MB Contrast enhanced
18:08, 25 February 2006 Mackinac-Bridge-Snowstorm-February-20-2006.jpg (file) 1.84 MB The Mackinac Bridge, looking South from St. Ignace, during a snowstorm on February 20, 2006. Photo by me, licensed under the CC-by-2.5 license. Credit: Jake N.
20:49, 2 February 2006 RenCen-Superbowl-XL.jpg (file) 83 KB The w:Renaissance Center towers in Detroit, taken on February 1, 2006. Note the w:Superbowl XL banner, decorated for the game that is scheduled to be played four days later at w:Ford Field, about a mile away from th
19:59, 1 February 2006 2006 State of the Union.ogg (file)
10.53 MB  
21:13, 19 January 2006 NASA TV - New Horizons Pluto Launch (January 19, 2006).ogg (file) 5.63 MB NASA TV coverage of the w:New Horizons Pluto probe launch on January 19, 2005 at about 13:59 w:EST. As this is made by NASA, this content is in the Public Domain. This recording was transcoded from the w:ASX/w:WMV stream provided by
05:36, 15 January 2006 Wikinews Hotline submission - January 14, 2006 at 10-21pm.ogg (file)
209 KB == Summary == All messages submitted to the n:Wikinews:Hotline are released into the public domain. Category:Wikinews Hotline == Licensing == {{PD}}
02:11, 24 December 2005 Hughes-Intelsat-Satellite-Model.jpg (file) 1.41 MB Display model of a w:Hughes Electronics w:Intelsat satellite, on display at w:Kennedy Space Center in w:Cape Canaveral, Florida. Picture taken by myself, I release into public domain.
01:34, 24 December 2005 Mark-Martin-6-Car.jpg (file) 36 KB Mark Martin's #6 car during the qualifying run of the 2005 w:Pepsi 400 at w:Daytona International Speedway. As it is the Pepsi 400, a race where almost all cars change paint schemes of their cars, this is not the common paint scheme of the #6 c
03:45, 18 December 2005 Joe-Louis-Arena.jpg (file) 2.09 MB  
20:06, 10 December 2005 Daytona-International-Speedway-July-1-2005.jpg (file) 602 KB w:Daytona International Speedway on July 1, 2005. Taken by myself, I release under the CC-BY: 2.5 license.
02:26, 8 December 2005 Space-shuttle-engine-NASA.jpg (file) 2.41 MB Photo of a w:Space shuttle engine on display at a visitor complex on w:NASA land in w:Cape Canaveral, w:Florida. Taken by myself, I release this into the Public Domain.
18:06, 13 November 2005 Burnt out car.jpg (file) 1.07 MB Higher res version
22:31, 27 September 2005 Swiss vote.png (file) 12 KB Lossless version of Image:Swiss vote.JPG, created by MrMiscellanious.
10:52, 27 September 2005 Midland-High-School-Midland-Michigan.jpg (file) 630 KB  
04:47, 25 September 2005 Farmer-Jack-Closed-Midland-Michigan.jpg (file) 621 KB A closed Farmer Jack grocery store, located at 1315 Washington St in Midland, Michigan, USA. Taken on September 24, 2005. I allow for any use, commerical or not, of this image - including deriatives to be made and relicensed/recopyrighted by anyone as l
03:04, 22 September 2005 NOAA-Hurricane-Rita-September-22-2005-0145-UTC.jpg (file) 94 KB NOAA satellite image of Hurricane Rita in the Gulf of Mexico on September 22, 2005 at 01:45 UTC. [ From NOAA website]
01:53, 21 September 2005 NOAA-Hurricane-Rita-September-21-2005-0115-UTC.jpg (file) 94 KB NOAA satellite image of Hurricane Rita in the Gulf of Mexico on September 21, 2005 at 01:15 UTC. [ From NOAA website]
15:32, 10 September 2005 Midland-Co-Township-Map-Gen.png (file) 15 KB Location of Geneva Township, as seen in this modified version of the Midland County, Michigan Township Map.
15:32, 10 September 2005 Midland-Co-Township-Map-Ede.png (file) 15 KB Location of Edenville Township, as seen in this modified version of the Midland County, Michigan Township Map.
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