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This special page shows all uploaded files that have not been deleted; for those see Special:Log.

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23:51, 15 August 2011 PCB-labelling.jpg (file) 378 KB upload higher res version from
02:28, 28 June 2010 Schuko plug and socket annotated.png (file) 209 KB replace component image with problem source
01:15, 28 June 2010 Gb-lu-Angel-southbound-cropped.jpg (file) 51 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=The extra-wide southbound platform at London Underground's Angel station. To combat chronic overcrowding a new section of tunnel was excavated in 1992 for a new northbound platform and the southbound platform was rebuilt
01:57, 23 February 2009 Pu,94-cropped.jpg (file) 10 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=gdgdf}} |Source=dsfzgzdfg |Author=dfgdfgd |Date= |Permission= |other_versions= }} <!--{{ImageUpload|full}}-->
23:03, 27 October 2006 Thunderbird front.jpg (file) 34 KB front of a virgin thunderbird cropped from Image:57307 Lady Penelope dragging 87019 through Water Orton.jpg original description follows: == Summary == *Author: Andrew Maycock *source: [[category:Br
20:33, 25 September 2006 D-Type Flip-flop Diagram.svg (file) 32 KB change to nand as per comment on wikipedia page using image. i suspect whoever draw this forgot about the inverted inputs of a nand rs flip flops.
17:52, 15 September 2006 French powerstrip socket.jpg (file) 24 KB based on en:Image:2 French extension leads.JPG (which was originally uploaded by en:user:ziltro) rotated 23 degrees anticlockwise (to make strips very close to horizontal) and cropped. original description follows. == Summary == 2 French extensi
21:23, 11 July 2006 PC 4 pin large power connector.jpg (file) 55 KB cropped version of Image:Molex.JPG showing the large 4 pin "molex" connector used on hard drives, 5.25 inch floppy drives and optical drives original description to follow
00:55, 20 March 2006 Rocker style dip switch.JPG (file) 441 KB Rocker style dip switch, own photo.
00:54, 20 March 2006 Dipswitch.JPG (file) 38 KB from en:Dipswitch.JPG {{GFDL}}
03:57, 17 February 2006 16 way idc.jpg (file) 27 KB cropped version of en:Image:Ribbon-cables.jpg original description follows: Ribbon cables (grey stripped, and rainbow with IDC connector). Photo by Heron 21:16, 22 Nov 2004 (UTC). {{GFDL}}
16:27, 13 November 2005 4 port netgear ethernet hub.jpg (file) 152 KB cropped version
15:10, 6 September 2005 RotateLeftThroughCarry.png (file) 3 KB based on en:Image:RotateLeft.JPG {{pd}}
15:10, 6 September 2005 RotateRightThroughCarry.png (file) 3 KB based on en:Image:RotateRight.JPG {{pd}}
12:12, 4 September 2005 Aster-alpinus.JPG (file) 52 KB remove ugly watermarking
23:16, 8 July 2005 SPDT-symbol.png (file) 1 KB label
14:09, 25 June 2005 Doubler and tripler.jpg (file) 302 KB cropped version
17:05, 24 June 2005 Shaver adaptor socket original.jpg (file) 1.4 MB original for part of Image:shaver adaptor.jpg {{PD-user|plugwash}}
14:02, 24 June 2005 Shaver adaptor plug original.jpg (file) 1.39 MB original for part of Image:shaver adaptor.jpg {{PD-user|plugwash}}
14:00, 24 June 2005 Shaver adaptor.jpg (file) 220 KB both photos taken by me {{PD-user|plugwash}} originals shown below <gallery> Image:shaver adaptor socket original.jpg Image:shaver adaptor plug original.jpg </gallery>
13:44, 24 June 2005 Continental adaptor plug original.jpg (file) 1.39 MB original for part of Image:Continental adaptor.jpg {{PD-user|plugwash}}
13:42, 24 June 2005 Continental adaptor socket original.jpg (file) 1.42 MB original for part of Image:Continental adaptor.jpg {{PD-user|plugwash}}
13:32, 24 June 2005 Continental adaptor.jpg (file) 146 KB both photos taken by me {{PD-User|plugwash}} originals shown below <gallery> </gallery>
02:15, 19 June 2005 Soldier firing M224 60mm mortar.jpg (file) 161 KB full resoloution version
21:07, 28 May 2005 Carousel.jpg (file) 292 KB from en:Image:Carousel.jpg original description follows Carousel on London's South Bank during a summer festival. {{cc-by-sa}} Photograph by Andrew Dunn, 19 September 2004.
02:53, 7 May 2005 HornedPuffin29.jpg (file) 9 KB from en:Image:HornedPuffin29.jpg original description follows Horned Puffins from NOAA Source: NOAA Photo Library Image ID: anim0421, NOAA's Ark (Animals) Collection Location: Pribilof Islands Photo Date: 1979 September Photographer: Captain Bud
21:48, 30 April 2005 Vulliens-drapeau.jpg (file) 209 KB re-uploading
19:40, 30 April 2005 Phalkeikis6.jpg (file) 101 KB fixed using jpegcrop (yes it doesn't just do cropping)
19:38, 30 April 2005 Phalkeikis5.jpg (file) 102 KB fixed using jpegcrop (yes it doesn't just do cropping)
19:36, 30 April 2005 Phalkeikis4.jpg (file) 103 KB fixed using jpegcrop (yes it doesn't just do cropping)
19:35, 30 April 2005 Phalkeikis2.jpg (file) 101 KB fixed using jpegcrop (yes it doesn't just do cropping)
19:30, 30 April 2005 National Archives.jpg (file) 735 KB fixed using jpegcrop (yes it doesn't just do cropping)
19:28, 30 April 2005 Phalkeikis1.jpg (file) 103 KB fixed using jpegcrop (yes it doesn't just do cropping)
19:11, 30 April 2005 Detalle yema.jpg (file) 13 KB ran through jpegcrop without cropping hopefully this will fix image without quality loss
18:43, 30 April 2005 Opuntia rufida01.jpg (file) 122 KB ran through jpegcrop without actually doing any cropping hopefully this will have fixed whatever was wrong with the file that stopped it being scaled.
01:13, 23 April 2005 Rhynchotus rufescens2.JPG (file) 43 KB crop off ugly white borders and watermark
01:07, 23 April 2005 Rhynchotus rufescens.JPG (file) 185 KB remove ugly white strip using jpegcrop
19:12, 17 April 2005 Panoramica Santa Marina Cantabria cropped.jpg (file) 68 KB Image:Panoramica Santa Marina Cantabria.jpg cropped to give an image of a suitable aspect ratio for including in articles original description follows *'''Title''' Panoramic from the town of Santa Marina (Cantabria, Spain) Panorámica desde el pueb
00:24, 2 April 2005 NewYork LibertyStatue.jpg (file) 53 KB straigtened cropped and filled in top corners
02:29, 30 March 2005 Cygnus cygnus from zh.JPG (file) 88 KB from zh:Image:DSCN0973.JPG original description follows (unfortunately in chineese): 大天鹅,自拍,摄于北京动物园 {{cc-by-sa}}
17:35, 27 March 2005 Egypt Nil.jpg (file) 11 KB remove watermark
01:50, 27 March 2005 Shilirren texture transposed.jpg (file) 34 KB losslessly transposed version of Image:Shilirren texture.jpg original description follows Shlirren texture of Liquid Chrystal nematic phase {{PD}}
11:07, 22 March 2005 Lochkarte Tanzorgel.jpg (file) 138 KB from de:Bild:Lochkarte Tanzorgel.jpg original description follows
20:28, 21 March 2005 Moose Skane Sweden.jpg (file) 74 KB use jpegcrop to remove torn bottom edge
17:38, 20 March 2005 Comet Diagram text stripped.png (file) 21 KB Image:CometDiagram.gif with all text removed. I do not belive my changes are eligable for copyright but If they are then they are hereby placed in the public domain. Original description follows.
03:00, 20 March 2005 Dresden Fernsehturm Detailansicht cropped.jpg (file) 150 KB losslessly cropped version of Image:Dresden Fernsehturm Detailansicht.jpg original description follows
08:44, 7 March 2005 Forbidden City1.JPG (file) 100 KB from en:Image:Forbidden City1.JPG original description follows
23:20, 6 March 2005 Becharof National Wildlife Refuge,Alaska.jpg (file) 2.89 MB from {{PD-USGOV-FWS}}
18:13, 6 March 2005 Kaart Italie Florence reduced.png (file) 11 KB Image:Kaart Italie Florence.png with sothern italy cropped off and some minor tidying near the new edge {{PD-USGov-CIA-WF}}
17:53, 6 March 2005 Kaart Italie Florence.png (file) 19 KB from nl:Afbeelding:Kaart Italie Florence.png original description follows.
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