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22:34, 6 March 2009 MLKjr and Specter.jpg (file) 109 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter with Civil Rights activist Martin Luther King Jr}} |Source= |Author=United States Senate |Date= |Permission=PD-USGov |other
22:29, 6 March 2009 Eisenhower and Specter.jpg (file) 94 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter with President Dwight David Eisenhower}} |Source= |Author=United States Senate |Date= |Permission=PD-USGov |other_versions= }} <!--{{ImageUpload|full}}-
13:46, 4 March 2009 Specter campaigning.jpg (file) 125 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) campaigning}} |Source=
02:51, 13 January 2009 Lee Haney.jpg (file) 15 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Former Chairman of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports Lee Haney}} | |Author=President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports |Date= |Permission=PD-USGov |other_versions= }} <!
17:28, 3 January 2009 John Burke.jpg (file) 24 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=The Current Chairman of The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports John P. Burke}} |Source= |Author=The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports |Date= |Permission
04:16, 3 January 2009 Swann.jpg (file) 86 KB == Summary == Former professional football player Lynn Swann '''Source''': == Licensing == {{PD-USGov}} Category:Lynn Swann
02:58, 2 January 2009 Kerry Healey.jpg (file) 5 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey participates in roundtable discussion at the Teacher-to-Teacher Workshop in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.}} |Source= |Author=US Depart
01:52, 2 January 2009 Recall Map.gif (file) 38 KB == Summary == {{Information |Description={{en|1=California recall election results by county}} |Source=Own work by uploader |Author=Kurykh |Date=2007-07-27 |Permission= |other_versions= }} {{ImageUp
15:59, 28 December 2008 Larry Elder.jpg (file) 24 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Larry Elder}} |Source= |Author=KABC |Date= |Permission={{OTRS pending}} |other_versions= }} <!--{{ImageUpload|full}}--> Category:Larry Elder
01:47, 25 December 2008 Todd Herremans at Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico - 20080419.jpg (file) 27 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Tackle/Fullback Dan Klecko}} |Source= |Author=United States Air Force |Date= |Permission=PD-USGov-Military-Air Force |other_vers
01:39, 25 December 2008 Jon Dorenbos2.JPG (file) 28 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Philadelphia Eagles Jon Dorenbos}} |Source= |Author=United States Air Force |Date= |Permission=PD-USGov-Military-Air Force |other_versions= }} <!--{{ImageUpl
01:30, 25 December 2008 Greg Lewis.JPG (file) 23 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Philadelphia Eagles Reciever Greg Lewis}} |Source= |Author=United States Air Force |Date= |Permission=PD-USGov-Military-Air Force |other_versions= }} <!--{{I
01:23, 25 December 2008 Quintin Mikell.jpg (file) 323 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Philadelphia Eagles Safety Quintin Mikell}} |Source= |Author=United States Air Force |Date= |Permission=PD-USGov-Military-Air Force |other_versions= }} <!--{
05:59, 24 December 2008 Tom Tancredo, official Congressional photo cropped.jpg (file) 196 KB {{Information |Description={{w|Tom Tancredo}}, member of the United States House of Representatives. |Source= |Date=N/A |Author=N/A |Permission=Public domain. |other_versions=File
00:09, 23 December 2008 Bob Barr 2002.jpg (file) 10 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Bob Barr in 2002 as a US Congressman}} |Source=Georgia Congressional Pictorial Directory, 107th Congress |Author=US Federal Government |Date=2002 |Permission=PD-USGov |other_versions= }} <!--{{ImageUpload|full}}--> [[Cat
22:53, 21 December 2008 Ken Blackwell.jpg (file) 10.43 MB == Summary == {{Information |Description= The former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell |Source= Image and permission sent via email |Date= 2008 |Author= Blackwell for Chairman |Permission={{ConfirmationImageOTRS |source =
02:11, 20 December 2008 Tom Knox.jpg (file) 5 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=fghfgh}} |Source=kl;;kl |Author=Rockyobody |Date= |Permission=gfhfgh |other_versions= }} <!--{{ImageUpload|full}}-->
18:32, 19 December 2008 Sam Brownback official portrait 2 headshot.jpg (file) 243 KB ==Summary== {{Information |Description=Sam Brownback, U.S. Senator from Kansas. |Source= |Date=N/A |Author=N/A |Permission=No restr
17:08, 19 December 2008 Michael Steele presenting award to USNS Comfort crew.jpg (file) 422 KB {{Information |Description=Michael Steele presenting an award to USNS ''Comfort'' crew. |Source= |Date=N/A |Author=N/A |Permission={{PD-USGov-Military-Navy}} |other_versions= }} [[Catego
02:28, 19 December 2008 Watts.JPG (file) 85 KB == Summary == {{Information |Description=Photo from bio of then-Congressman J. C. Watts, who was a delegate to the 2003 Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Conference on Racism, Xenophobia and Discrimination. |Source=Web site of the