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21:42, 20 September 2013 Haematococcus adherence on glas surface.ogg (file) 631 KB Ude -
22:03, 30 August 2013 Miniature Zeesboot model.jpg (file) 7.74 MB Ude -
15:13, 5 May 2013 Walnut Caravel.JPG (file) 1.22 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Caravel made from european walnut shell and veneers. Length of the Walnut = 3cm.}} {{de|1=Karavelle, hergestellt aus einer europäischen Walnussschale und Furnierholz. Länge der Walnussschale = 3cm.}} |Source ...
23:29, 2 June 2012 Pseudocone (Pineapple) gall, Picea abies.JPG (file) 3.64 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Fresh Pseudocone gall formation due to infection by ''Adelgid'' species. }} {{de|1=Junge durch Fichtengalllaus (''Adelges'')-Infektion entstandene Galle.}} |Source ={{...
22:09, 16 April 2012 Echinodorus muricatus flower, blossom and pedicel.jpg (file) 4.01 MB Ude Pedicel growing parallel to the water surface
17:32, 11 February 2012 Forest-Fire Model spiral deployment.ogg (file) 516 KB Ude == Summary == {{Information |Description={{en|1= Application of the Forest-fire model on a binary bar in the middle of an 50x50 pixel, 256 level grayscale image. The cellular automaton has eight different states (Level 250-10). A
16:36, 11 February 2012 Greenberg-Hastings-Model.ogg (file) 661 KB Ude == Summary == {{Information |Description={{en|1= Application of the Wiener-Rosenblueth-/Greenberg-Hastings-Model on a binary bar in the middle of an 50x50 pixel, 256 level grayscale image. Level 0 = resting, level 160 = refrac
18:51, 29 January 2012 Echinodorus bleheri inflorescence closed.JPG (file) 1.57 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Inflorescence of ''Echinodorus bleheri'' (closed).}} {{de|1=Blütenstand von ''Echinodorus bleheri'' (geschlossen).}} |Source ={{own}} |Author =[
22:54, 11 January 2012 Haematococcus pluvialis flagellate.jpg (file) 65 KB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Single flagellate of ''Haematococcus pluvialis''. The thick protecting layer is filled with a glycoprotein-rich extracellular matrix (ECM) which is permeated by [[:en
22:27, 11 January 2012 Haematococcus pluvialis aggregate.jpg (file) 416 KB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=''Haematococcus pluvialis'' in its final stage (Aplanospore). Cell aggregation commonly occurs due to nitrogen deprivation, resulting in the formation of Astaxanthin}} {{de|1=''Haematococcus pluvia
16:05, 28 October 2011 Ehrentempel und Führerbau auf dem Königsplatz.jpg (file) 2.89 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1="Ehrentempel" and "Führerbau" (background) on the Königsplatz in Munich.}} {{de|1="Ehrentempel" und "Führerbau" (Hintergrund) auf dem Königsplatz in Mü
17:49, 27 October 2011 Fuligo septica on dead wood.jpg (file) 1.71 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Fuligo septica spreading on dead spruce wood. }} {{de|1=Fuligo septica breitet sich auf totem Fichtenholz aus.}} |Source ={{own}} |Author =[[User:Ude|Ude]
00:43, 7 September 2011 Große Fontäne im Mirabellengarten Blick auf die Hohensalzburg.jpg (file) 1.72 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Great fontain in the mirabell garden in view of the castle Hohensalzburg Castle in the background.}} {{de|1=Große Fontäne im Mirabellgarten mit Blick auf die [[:d
23:55, 6 September 2011 Schloss Ort im Traunsee.jpg (file) 2.19 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Schloss Ort located in the Traunsee.}} {{de|1=Schloss Ort im Traunsees gelegen.}} |Source =private photoarchiv |Author =Willi U
13:59, 1 September 2011 Schloss Schönbrunn, Garten und See.jpg (file) 3.5 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Palace Schönbrunn, garden and pond.}} {{de|1=Schloss Schönbrunn, Garten und See.}} |Source =private photoarchiv |Author =Willi Ude, uploaded by Ude |Date =ca. 1936 |Permission
13:25, 1 September 2011 Restaurant à la Tour Eiffel 1940.jpg (file) 4.41 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Restaurant on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower.}} {{de|1=Restaurant in der zweiten Etage des Eiffelturm.}} {{fr|1=Restaurant du deuxième étage à la [[:fr:Tour Eiffel|Tour
00:57, 27 August 2011 Spinning RNA molecule with POV-Ray.ogg (file) 2.26 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Spinning RNA molecule.}} {{de|1=Drehendes RNA Molekül.}} |Source =Ray tracing model. Pov file created with ArgusLab 4.0.1. Rendered with POV-Ray v3.62. PNG assembly with VirtualDub 1.9.11. |Author =[
21:09, 24 August 2011 German prisoners in Sfax POW camp 1946.jpg (file) 2.97 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Workshop in a french POW camp at Sfax.}} {{de|1=Arbeitsgemeinschaft in einem französischen Kriegsgefangenenlager bei Sfax.}} |Source =private photoarchiv |Author =Willi Ude,
19:07, 24 August 2011 Motorized Wehrmacht soldiers, motorcycle and Krupp Protze.jpg (file) 3.12 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Motorized Wehrmacht soldiers. In the background Kfz.69 Krupp Protze.}} {{de|1=Motorisierte Wehrmacht-Soldaten.Kfz.69 Krupp Protze im Hintergrund.}} |Source =private ph
02:44, 24 August 2011 German wagons in Suippes 1942.jpg (file) 3.21 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=German wagons and SdKfz 10 with anti tank guns in Suippes. }} {{de|1=Deutsche Fuhrwerke und SdKfz 10 mit PaK in Suippes. }} |Source =private photoarchiv |Author =Willi Ude, uploaded by Ude
01:48, 24 August 2011 Slovakian sentry in 1943.jpg (file) 2.6 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Slovakian sentry in 1943.}} {{de|1=Slowakischer Posten im Jahr 1943.}} |Source =private photoarchiv |Author =Willi Ude, uploaded by Ude |Date =1943 |Permission = |other_versi
01:38, 24 August 2011 Slovakian Officers in WWII.jpg (file) 2.29 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Slovakian officers in WWII. Civilians and german Feldgendarmerie in the background.}} {{de|1=Slowakische Offiziere im 2. WK. Zivilisten und deutsche Feldgendarmerie im Hinter
01:08, 24 August 2011 Ponte in Mali Lošinj (Lussinpiccolo) Jan 1944.jpg (file) 2.43 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Canal bridge in Mali Lošinj (Lussinpiccolo).}} {{de|1=Kanalbrücke bei Mali Lošinj (Lussinpiccolo).}} |Source =private photoarchiv |Author =Willi Ude, upload
20:30, 23 August 2011 Svyato-Preobrajenskiy-Sobor cathedral in Zhytomyr 1941.jpg (file) 2.54 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Svyato-Preobrajenskiy-Sobor cathedral in Zhytomyr 1941.}} {{de|1=Svyato-Preobrajenskiy-Sobor Kathedrale in Zhitomir 1941.}} |Source =private photoarchiv |Author =Willi Ude, uploaded by Ude
19:47, 23 August 2011 Kanalbrücke bei Mali Lošinj (Lussinpiccolo).jpg (file) 3.37 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Canal bridge in Mali Lošinj (Lussinpiccolo).}} {{de|1=Kanalbrücke bei Mali Lošinj (Lussinpiccolo).}} |Source =private photoarchiv |Author =Willi Ude, upload
18:27, 23 August 2011 PaK 40 recovery in Lussinpiccolo 1943.jpg (file) 3.37 MB Ude ashore
17:51, 23 August 2011 Somua MCG recovery in Lussinpiccolo 1943 (2).jpg (file) 3.26 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Recovery of a SOMUA MCG (Wehrmacht) in Lussinpiccolo. Operational Zone of the Adriatic Littoral. }} {{de|1=Bergung eines SOMUA MCG
17:38, 23 August 2011 Somua MCG recovery in Lussinpiccolo 1943.jpg (file) 3.34 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Recovery of a SOMUA MCG (Wehrmacht) in Lussinpiccolo. Operational Zone of the Adriatic Littoral.}} {{de|1=Bergung eines SOMUA MCG d
15:09, 23 August 2011 Mali Lošinj (Lussinpiccolo) habour in autumn 1943.jpg (file) 3.52 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=The harbor of Mali Lošinj.}} {{de|1=Die Hafenstraße von Mali Lošinj.}} |Source =private photoarchiv |Author =Willi Ude, uploaded by Ude |Date
01:39, 23 August 2011 Renault UE Chenillette Nancy June 1940.jpg (file) 3.16 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Renault UE Chenillette alias Schlepper UE 630(f) in Nancy.}} {{de|1=Renault UE Chenillette alias Schlepper UE 630(f) in Nancy.}} |Source =private photoarchiv |Author =Willi Ude, uploaded by [[User:Ude|
01:05, 23 August 2011 Capitulation of the french forces in Nancy.jpg (file) 3.2 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Capitulation of the french forces in Nancy in June 1940.}} {{de|1=Übergabe der Stadt Nancy im Juni 1940.}} {{fr|1=Capitulation des forces armées francaises à Nancy en June 1940.}} |Source =private photoarch
00:25, 23 August 2011 German soldiers with white horses on the Place Stanislas.jpg (file) 2.91 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=German soldiers with white horses on the Place Stanislas during german occupation. }} {{de|1=Deutsch Soldaten mit weißen Pferden auf der Place Stanislas während der
00:06, 23 August 2011 Place Stanislas in Nancy during german occupation.jpg (file) 3.73 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Place Stanislas in Nancy occupied by german soldiers with supply trucks. }} {{de|1=Place Stanislas in Nancy von deutschen Soldaten mit Versorgungs-LKW besetzt. }} {{fr|
23:37, 22 August 2011 Douaumont graveyard in June 1940.jpg (file) 2.16 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Douaumont graveyard in June 1940.}} {{de|1=Douaumont Friedhof im Juni 1940.}} |Source =private photoarchiv |Author =Willi Ude, uploaded by [[Use
23:21, 22 August 2011 Various automobiles of the wehrmacht in Hildesheim 1941.jpg (file) 3.01 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=From left: Horch 901, Wanderer W22 Kübelwagen, Opel P4 variant?, Wanderer W 11 Kübelwagen in Hildesheim. }} {{de|1=Von links: Horch 901, Wanderer W22 Kübelwagen, [[:de:Opel
00:09, 22 August 2011 Stift Gandersheim side view 1942.jpg (file) 3.47 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Gandersheim Abbey side view.}} {{de|1=Stift Gandersheim Seitenansicht.}} |Source =private photoarchiv |Author =Willi Ude, uploaded by [[User:Ude|Ude]
23:50, 21 August 2011 Somua MCG with PaK 40 in north italy.jpg (file) 3.07 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Somua MCG with PaK 40 in north italy.}} {{de|1=Somua LKW mit PaK 40 in Norditalien.}} |Source =private photoarchiv |Author =Willi Ude, uploaded by Ude |Date =28.08.1943 |Permissi
20:20, 4 August 2011 Cordulegaster boltonii Harriehausen.JPG (file) 3.15 MB Ude .
18:33, 17 April 2011 Pinus cembra shoot.jpg (file) 1.57 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Pinus cembra (Swiss Pine) shoot, brown seeds were received from dried cone. Seeds were selected and seperated from empty ones. The tip of the seed was carefully removed to facilitate sprouting.}} {{de|1=Pinus cembra (
19:51, 25 March 2011 Echinodorus muricatus inflorescence with shoot.JPG (file) 2.08 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Echinodorus muricatus inflorescence (withered) with adventious shoot.}} {{de|1=Echinodorus muricatus verwelkter Blütenstand mit Adventivspross.}} |Source ={{own}} |Author =Ude |Date
04:16, 1 March 2011 Potassium alum octahedral like crystal.jpg (file) 2.3 MB Ude -
02:50, 1 March 2011 Potassium alum octahedral crystal.jpg (file) 2.14 MB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Potassium Alum crystal with octahedral shape. Note that there are additional faces which bridge the main faces. Crystallisation is based on a smaller equably shaped crystal.}} {{de|1=Oktaedrischer Kalialaun-Kristall.
21:56, 23 January 2011 DNA Helix CPK.jpg (file) 960 KB Ude {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Part of a dna double helix showing the minor groove}} {{de|1=Teil einer DNS Doppelhelix, kleine Furche sichtbar}} |Source ={{own}} |Author =Ude |Date =23.01.2011 |Permission
17:55, 31 December 2010 Corydoras aeneus head.JPG (file) 1.66 MB Ude {{Information |Description={{en|1=Corydoras aeneus, head and body are covered by bony plates. At the body two rows of overlapping bony plates are visivble. Pigmentation occurs due to crystals which contain hypoxanthin among other substances. }} {{de|1=Cor
21:45, 29 December 2010 Corydoras aeneus barbels.jpg (file) 1.35 MB Ude {{Information |Description={{en|1=Corydoras aeneus barbels}} {{de|1=Corydoras aeneus Barteln}} |Source={{own}} |Author=Ude |Date=29.12.2010 |Permission= |other_versions= }} Category:Corydoras aeneus
21:25, 29 December 2010 Corydoras paleatus in current.jpg (file) 3.41 MB Ude profile
20:42, 29 December 2010 Styropor scan.jpg (file) 599 KB Ude {{Information |Description={{en|1=Styropor at 1200dpi}} {{de|1=Styropor bei 1200dpi}} |Source={{own}} |Author=Ude |Date=29.12.2010 |Permission= |other_versions= }} Category:Polystyrene
23:09, 26 December 2010 Svyato-Preobrajenskiy-Sobor cathedral in Zhytomyr during WWII.jpg (file) 976 KB Ude {{Information |Description={{en|1=Background: Svyato-Preobrajenskiy cathedral in Zhytomyr during WWII. Sight from Peremogy Str. In the front: German direction signs.}} {{de|1=Im Hintergrund: Svyato-Preobrajenskiy-Sobor Kathedrale in Zhitomir während des
15:03, 26 December 2010 Stalin statue in garden WWII.jpg (file) 1.16 MB Ude {{Information |Description={{en|1=Stalin statue in a garden during WWII}} {{de|1=Stalin Statue im einem Garten während des 2.WK}} |Source={{own}} |Author=Ude |Date= |Permission= |other_versions= }} Category:Statues of Joseph Stalin
14:48, 26 December 2010 PAK 36 modifed.jpg (file) 531 KB Ude {{Information |Description={{en|1=PAK 36 modifed}} {{de|1=PAK 36 verändert}} |Source={{own}} |Author=Ude |Date= |Permission= |other_versions= }} Category:PaK 36

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