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Database reports/Blank single-author pagesDatabase reports/Blank user talk pages for IPsDatabase reports/Blocked users in user groups
Database reports/Broken redirectsDatabase reports/File description pages containing no templatesDatabase reports/File description pages without an associated file
Database reports/Files with the most uses globallyDatabase reports/Inactive users in user groupsDatabase reports/Indefinitely blocked IPs
Database reports/Largely duplicative file namesDatabase reports/Long pagesDatabase reports/Noticeboard stats
Database reports/Orphaned talk pagesDatabase reports/Ownerless pages in the user spaceDatabase reports/Ownerless pages in the user space/Des
Database reports/Page count by namespaceDatabase reports/Pages with the most revisionsDatabase reports/Range blocks
Database reports/Redirects containing red linksDatabase reports/Self-categorized categoriesDatabase reports/Short single-author pages
Database reports/Templates transcluded on the most pagesDatabase reports/Unbelievable life spansDatabase reports/Unusually long IP blocks
Database reports/Unusually long user blocksDatabase reports/Upload log statsDatabase reports/Upload log stats/All
Database reports/Upload log stats/OWDatabase reports/Upload log stats/ULDatabase reports/User pages for inactive IPs
Database reports/User preferencesDatabase reports/User talk pages for inactive IPsDatabase reports/Users by log action
Database reports/Users by log action/Translation