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Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:011218-N-9769P-047 F-A-18 With Weapons Ready for Mission.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:02.Trinidad (59).JPGPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:1580 Zelandicarum v Deventer.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:2007 Matterhorn.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:2008 Yongsan Fall Festival-01.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:360-degree Panorama of the Southern Sky.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:360 degrees fogbow.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:360° Hohe Kugel Panorama.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:360° Panorama Zitterklapfen.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:360° Schadonapaß.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:720th Special Tactics Group airmen jump 20071003.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:79 - Québec - Juin 2009.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:80 - Machu Picchu - Juin 2009 - edit.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:9104 - Milano - Museo storia naturale - Fluorite - Foto Giovanni Dall'Orto 22-Apr-2007.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:99 - Machu Picchu - Juin 2009.edit3.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:A-18F after launch from USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72).jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:AD2009Aug07 Natrix natrix 01.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:APowerlineTower.JPG
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:A Larva of Papilio memnon 09sai .jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:A Swift's Call To Prayer.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:A couple of Tadorna ferruginea.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:A surfer at the wave edit.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Abkhazia map-fr.svgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:AchenseeWinter01.JPG
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Actitis hypoleucos.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Admiralty Extension from Horse Guards Parade - Sept 2006.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Aerogelflower filtered.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Aeronautics2.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:African boy transporting fodder by bicycle edit.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:After the war a medal and maybe a job2.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Aialik glacier pano 2.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Aida poster colors fixed.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Air Force Fire Training.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Aivazovsky, Ivan - The Ninth Wave.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Albert Memorial, London - May 2008.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Albino Alligator 2008.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Aletschgletscher mit Pinus cembra1.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:AlfredPalmerM3tank1942b.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Alligator mississippiensis 2 babies.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Alligator mississippiensis yawn.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Alluvial fan, Taklimakan Desert, XinJiang Province, China, NASA, ASTER.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Alnus glutinosa 02 by-dpc.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Aloe dichotoma -Keetmanshoop, Namibia-21Aug2009-2.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Amsterdam Centraal Station2.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:An Ant in Colombian amber.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Anas platyrhynchos male female.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Anax Imperator 2(loz).JPGPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Andreas Waldherr Lavanttal Rallye 2009 2.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Anemone hupehensis var. japonica 1.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Angela Merkel (2008).jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Anhinga.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Anna Kim Wien2008.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Anser Anser Domesticus.JPGPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Apis mellifera flying.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Apophyllitestilbite.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Apophysis 3D fractal ball.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Archives and the port.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Arctocephalus pusillus 2.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Ardea cinerea Luc Viatour.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Argiope minuta 90525.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Argiope sp.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Arkansas State Capitol.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Armillaria sp Marriott edit.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Arothron hispidus is kissing my camera at Big Island of Hawaii.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Artcarfest in San Francisco 1.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Ase o fuku onna2.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Assisi San Francesco BW 4.JPGPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Assisi San Francesco BW 5.JPGPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Australian blenny.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Auto wreck, Maryland, 1923.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:B'nai B'rith membership certificate 1876.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:B17g and b52h in flight.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:BMP-1 Zlot Darłowo 2009.JPGPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:BMW Welt Night.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Ba b767-300 g-bnwa planform arp.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Back-scattering crepuscular rays.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Back-scattering crepuscular rays panorama 1.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Bad Hindelang panorama view from south.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Balerdi Azkarate gainean.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:BallonKathedrale01 edit.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Balloon over Luxor - Egypt denoised.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Bamberg Obere Pfarre Tintoretto BW 1.JPGPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Bank of Tanzania golden hour.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Barn Pano(9467)-Relic38.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Barnum & Bailey clowns and geese2.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Battle at Lanka, Ramayana, Udaipur, 1649-53.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Battle of Antietam2.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Beautiful Demoiselle Calopteryx virgo.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Bee June 2009-1.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Befreiungshalle Hall of Liberation Kelheim.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Beijing Castle Boxer Rebellion 1900 FINAL.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Belgian F-16 Radom.JPGPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Bengalia sp.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Benjamin Franklin by Joseph Siffred Duplessis.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Bergen city centre and surroundings Panorama edited.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Berliner Olympiastadion night.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Beskid Śląsko-Morawski - panorama 2.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Bi-crystal.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Bibliotheque-musee-Guimet.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Bihoreau Gris 3.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Biograph poster2.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Bismuth-crystal.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Black Panther convention2.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Black Swallowtail Papilio polyxenes Closeup.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Blackbird female.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Blake Canterbury Pilgrims engraving.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Blind accordion player.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Blind man carrying a paralysed man.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Blitze IMGP6376 wp.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Bohinjsko jezero 2.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Bois du Cazier 2.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Boletus in Finnish forest.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Borago officinalis (flower).jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Borch III POL COA.svg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Boulevard du Temple by Daguerre.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Bowling Balls Beach 2.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Brachypelma auratum 2009 G03.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Brahmaea wallichii insulata (Brahmeid Moth).jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Bride and groom at the ruins of Sutro Bath 1.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Briksdalen.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:British Museum Dome.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Brombeerlaub.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Bromine vial in acrylic cube.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Brown Pelican, Pelagic Boat Trip.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Brush for the lead2.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Buchenwald-bei-Weimar-am-24-April-1945.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Buchenwald Slave Laborers Liberation.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Buckingham Palace, London - April 2009.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Bufo americanus PJC1.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Bufo bufo 2009 G1.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Bufo bufo on grass2.JPGPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Bufo viridis female.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Bush-cricket 02 (MK).JPGPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Buteo magnirostris -Goias -Brazil-8.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Buteo swainsoni (Calibas).jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Byron Glacier AK.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:CN Tower Turmkorb-Modell-blau.pngPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM 'Het verslepen van de steen 'Darodaro' voor de gestorven Saoenigeho van Bawamataloea Nias TMnr 1000095b.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Portert van twee jonge Balinese danseressen TMnr 10004678b.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:CTA Night.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:CVW-5 Apr2007.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Cactus flower unidentified.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Calidris alba group edit.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Calidris alba running 6.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:California Sea Lions at Pier 39 August 7 2009.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:California island Vinckeboons5.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:California surfer inside wave.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Calliphora sp Portrait.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Calliteara pudibunda caterpillar.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Calvin Borel.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Can't please everyone2.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Canada Geese and morning fog.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Cane cutters in Jamaica.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Canna sp.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Cantharis livida.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Cantharis livida 2 edit1.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Canyon de Chelly White House Ruin Close View 2006 09 07.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Canyonlands National Park, Utah.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Cappadocia March 2006.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Caracol Falls.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (3).jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Carpilius convexus is consuming Heterocentrotus trigonarius in Hawaii.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Carrots of many colors.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Casing.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Cathedral of Learning stitch 1.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Cathédrale de Nantes - nef.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Cedar Breaks National Monument partially.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Cell door detail.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Ceriagrion glabrum immature female.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Cetonia aurata take off composition 05172009.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Chang Chun Shrine amk.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Chapito.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Chaplin2.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Charaxes brutus natalensis.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Charles Robert Darwin by John Collier.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Cheiracanthium mildei male.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Chelonia mydas is going for the air edit.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Chersonesos Bell.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Gate e amk.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Chiang Kai-shek memorial amk.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Chicago sunrise 1.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Chichen Itza 1.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Chichen Itza 3.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Chicken February 2009-1.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Chickens in market.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Child laborer.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Child with Smallpox Bangladesh.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Chinese honor guard in column 070322-F-0193C-014.JPEGPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Chinese stamp in 1950.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Chrysomya albiceps eating.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Chrysopa sp. AF 1.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Church Mylau - side 2009 (aka).jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Church of St. Andrew, Alfriston, England Crop - May 2009.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Cinabar on Dolomite.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Citrus Swallowtail Papilio demodocus.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Clifton Beach 4.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Clifton Beach 5.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Clifton Beach 6.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Coat of Arms of Nova Scotia.svgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Coat of Arms of Siam (1873-1910).svgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Cocacola-5cents-1900 edit1.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Colaptes auratus MP2 NR.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Coleridge2.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Coles Phillips2 Life.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:College of Arms-Lant's Roll.svgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Cologne - Panoramic Image of the old town at dusk.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:ComputerHotline - Caelifera sp. (by).jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:ComputerHotline - Chalcolestes viridis (by).jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:ComputerHotline - Danaus plexippus (by) (3).jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:ComputerHotline - Lepidoptera sp. (by) (30).jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:ComputerHotline - Machaons (by).jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:ComputerHotline - Pelecanus crispus (by) (1).jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:ComputerHotline - Pieris brassicae (by).jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:ComputerHotline - Syrphidae sp. (by) (3).jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Connecticut Yankee4.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Connie Mack3.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Convento Cristo December 2008-2a.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Corvus caurinus (profile).jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Cow (Fleckvieh breed) Oeschinensee Slaunger 2009-07-07.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Crab spider'Xysticus sp.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Cracked Mushroom.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Craticulina sp.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Crazywell cross 1.JPGPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Crepuscular rays and Dead trees at Mammoth Hot Springs.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Crepuscular rays over the steam from hot spring.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Crissy Field beach and Golden Gate Bridge.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Crocus vernus.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Crowds of French patriots line the Champs Elysees-edit2.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Cu-Scheibe.JPGPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Cukrowicz nachbaur Kapelle 1.JPGPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Currier & Ives Brooklyn2.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Currier and Ives Brooklyn Bridge2.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Currier and Ives Liberty2.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Cynthia cardui Malmö Folkets Park 2.JPG
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:DD-Schloss-gp.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:DDG59lights.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:DTM Mercedes W204 DiResta09 amk.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Dagestani man and woman.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Dalziel Brothers - Sir Walter Scott - Rob Roy in the Crypt of Glasgow Cathedral.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Dame (Alice) Ellen Terry ('Choosing') by George Frederic Watts.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Dead Vlei 5.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Dead Vlei Duene.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Dead baby bird.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Delaware Bay Vinckeboons 14.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Democratic presidential ticket 1864b.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Dendrobates azureus (Dendrobates tinctorius) Edit.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Dendrocygna bicolor wilhelma.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Derwent Water, Lake District, Cumbria - June 2009.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Descripción histórica y cronológica de las dos piedras que con ocasión del nuevo empedrado que se está formando en la plaza principal de México, se hallaron en ella el año de 1790-1b.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:DesertStormMap v2.svgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Desiccation-cracks hg.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Detmold Freilichtmuseum R05.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Development of Green Flash.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Devil's Golf Course in Death Valley NP.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Dirce Beauty Colobura dirce.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Distelfalter, Vanessa cardui AUF Schmetterlingsflieder, Buddleja davidii 1.JPGPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Doorknob buddhist temple detail amk.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Doña juanita.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Doña ramona.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Dresden-Zwinger-Wallpavillion-gp.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Drum set.svg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Dunvegan Castle in the mist01editcrop 2007-08-22.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Dusky Moorhen Water Lilies.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Dust storm in Black Rocks Desert nn.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Dutrieuc.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:E-2C VAW-115 CV-63 2007.JPEGPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Early flight 02562u.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Early light heron fishing.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:EbniterStr04.JPGPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Echinocereus engelmannii and Cylindropuntia bigelovii at Joshua Tree NP.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Echium wildpretii LC0203.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Echium wildpretii LC0204.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Ed Walsh portrait 1911.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Eden Project geodesic domes panorama.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Edward Walsh - Queenstown, Upper Canada on the Niagara (a.k.a. Queenston, Ontario).jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Effects of Hurricane Charley from FEMA Photo Library 7.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Eichen-Schmuckwanze Rhabdomiris striatellus.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Eichenberg 01.JPGPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Eilean Donan castle - 95mm.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Eiskristall Pfosten 2.JPGPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:El Gouna Bus R01.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:El Gouna Turtle House R01.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Elakala Waterfalls Swirling Pool Mossy Rocks.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Elizabeth I in coronation robes.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Emma, Lady Hamilton by George Romney.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Episyrphus balteatus side.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Epitonium scalare shell.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Equus asinus Kadzidłowo 001.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Equus asinus Kadzidłowo 002.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Etna eruption seen from the International Space Station.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Etosha elefant.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Euplectes orix 5 Luc Viatour.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:European hornet 090621.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Extermination of Evil Shōki.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:F-16 Solo Display Team Radom 2009 b.JPGPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:F-16 refuelling, Exercise Green Flag East - 081201-F-3071N-235.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:F-22 Raptor edit1.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:F5 tornado Elie Manitoba 2007.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:FEMA - 5399 - Photograph by Andrea Booher taken on 09-28-2001 in New York.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:FEVE Valencia 15.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Fagus sylvatica Purpurea JPG4a.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Family George V of Hanover.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Feeding pigeons.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Figure-Animation2.gifPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Firehole river at Upper Geyser Basin-2008-june.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Fireworks Whippets.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Fisherman at Lake Merced.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Fishing 2.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Fjærlandsfjorden2.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Flag-map of the world.svgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Florida topographic map-en.svgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Fly Agaric mushroom 04.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Fly June 2009-1.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Foggy morning at Twin Peaks.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Foggy sunset with brown pelicans 2.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Fomes fomentarius inside 2009 G1.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Forde Abbey over the pond 2.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Formel3 racing car 2 amk.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Fort Baker and Angel Island.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Fort Point National Historic Site and Golden Gate Bridge.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Fortesque Bay Sunrise.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Fossil Bay Seascape.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Fossil Bay Seascape 2.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Frankfurt Am Main-St Bartholomaeus-Der Pfarrthurm-Entwurf des Meisters Madern Gertener-um 1415-alternativ.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Frauenkirche Dresden Detail.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Fritillaria meleagris LJ barje2.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Full moon partially obscured by atmosphere.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Fundamentfuss-Stuttgarter-Fernsehturm-beziffert.pngPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Gaillardia fanfare centered.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Gallotia galloti LC0211.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Gambia girl.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Garrulus glandarius 1 Luc Viatour.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Gaspra-AiPetri.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Gasshukoku suishi teitoku kōjōgaki (Oral statement by the American Navy admiral).pngPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Gaucho1868b.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Gavia immer1 BS.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Gavin Hamilton - Coriolanus Act V, Scene III.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Gazania rigens var. rigens.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Geastrum saccatum.jpg
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Geneva mechanism 6spoke animation.gifPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Geological time spiral.pngPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Georges Bizet - Rosabel Morrison - Carmen poster.png
Picture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Gephyrocapsa oceanica color.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Giant Marbles in Joshua Tree National Park.jpgPicture of the Year/2009/R1/File:Gibraltar Airport panorama.jpg