Stamps of Germany, 1919-1933

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Postage stamps issued during the Weimar Republic, in the period 1919-1933.

Sorted and numbered according to the MICHEL Briefmarken-Katalog Deutschland, except the Airmail.

1919 issues[edit]

1920 issues[edit]

Inclusion of Bavaria in the German post (Reichspostgebiet) on 1 April 1920.

Issue April 1920 - Overprint Deutsches Reich on Bavaria stamps[edit]

Germania new colours in 1920[edit]

1921-1922 issues[edit]

Overprint on Germania[edit]

Various designs[edit]

Filigrane lozenges Rauten (Wz. 1). Michel N°158-176.

Filigrane mesh Waffeln (Wz. 2). Some values are rare with real postmarks (1922, beginning of inflation period).

April 1922 Munich exhibition[edit]

May-Oct 1922[edit]

Printed in 2 colours.

Oct-Dec 1922[edit]

Figures in oval. Design by H.Haas. Filigrane lozenges. Offset.


No background colour.



Large figures in oval[edit]

Feb 1923 Charity overprints[edit]



Mar-Sep 1923[edit]

Hyperinflation overprints (Notausgaben)[edit]

24 Aug 1923[edit]

1 Oct 1923[edit]

Perforated zigzag roulette (Sägezahnartig).

Normal perforation.

Printed in 2 colours[edit]

Mi xyzA: perforated Mi xyzB: rouletted (zigzag)

Nov 1923 Overprints[edit]

Last hyperinflation issues, valid until end of the year. Mi xyzA: perforated Mi xyzB: rouletted

December 1923 Rentenmark[edit]

New (stable!) currency.

1924 issues[edit]

25 Feb 1924[edit]

Charity stamps, illustrated by the life of Saint Elisabeth of Hungary. Design by Prof. E. Böhm.

Mar-Nov 1924[edit]

Eagle design by S. v. Weech.

May-Oct 1924[edit]

Heinrich von Stephan is co-founder of the Universal Postal Union in 1874.

1924-1925 Monuments[edit]

1925 issues[edit]

1926 issues[edit]

Charity issue designed by S. v. Weech.

1928 issues[edit]

Charity issue designed by S. v. Weech.

1929 issues[edit]

Charity issue designed by S. v. Weech.

Official stamps - Dienstmarken[edit]

Administrative use.

April 1920 issue for Prussia[edit]

Large value number, with a small number 21 für Preussen. Filigrane lozenges.

April-October 1920 general issue[edit]

Large value number. Filigrane lozenges.

April 1920 overprints on stamps of Bavaria[edit]

April 1920 overprints on stamps of Wurtemberg[edit]


Inflation period- Infla-Dienstmarken[edit]

Aug-Oct 1923[edit]

December 1923 New currency - Neue Währung[edit]

Serpentine overprint Dienstmarke.

March 1924[edit]

Serpentine overprint Dienstmarke.

1927-1933 issues[edit]

New design with a white number in an oval. Mesh filigrane.

Airmail (Deutscheflugpost)[edit]

October 1919[edit]

July 1922[edit]

Pigeon design by Prof. Aufsesser. Typo.

Feb-Apr 1923[edit]


May 1923 Airmail[edit]

Without background colour.

11 Jan1924[edit]

New, stable currency Rentenmark.