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1) The lack of trust and the amount of it, that has been delivered across the board to the people of the US is at best belly acing sick. Senator When is it going to stop. For the first time in my life as a us citizen and veteran am I afraid of where it's going. I don't like it and will not apologize For my country so tell Obama to stop it.

   2)Justice Dept. Will like or not get of there asses and make our voting centers free of any diversion of any kind. What if was done against you? would you sit back and do nothing I don't think so they ever try to intimidate me God help them. No on second thought no help. I will take matters in my own hands. I am sure I can get plenty of help from the local law enforcement Because I happened to know How they would fell. DO YOUR JOB! E mail following as soon as I can find it.