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Evolution-tasks.png Pending tasks for Kunstformen der Natur: edit this list - add to watchlist - purge
  • Key images: Create keys to the species (approx 25/100 done)
  • Research newer scientific names (many species now have new or updated scientific names). e.g. see Chelonia
  • Change each list of species into a species table with:
    • Figure number
    • Originally stated name (by Haeckel)
    • Current binomial name
    • Common name (column for each language) with link to language's wikipedia article
  • Include additional information from Haeckel's writing for each image (in German)
  • Tag all spot key images with a common category. e.g. [[Category:Haeckel key to figures]]
  • Cut out individual creatures (when there is no background)
  • Add cut outs to articles and appropriate pages
  • Create redirects from old/obsolete scientific names to new ones in commons and wikipedias, and make mention of old/obsolete name in directed-to articles too.