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Hi !

Simone Martini 047.jpg

This picture is very often said to be of Saint Clare. But some details indicate that it is of Brother Jacqueline.

  • There are seven suns in the halo,
  • The face is not all in a veil (as would be for a sister see Image:Simone Martini_049.jpg below where Saint Clare is represented with Saint Elizabeth of Hugary by the same Simone Martini).
  • And Brother Jacqueline, the Saint Francis’ friend, was Jacqueline de Settesoli (seven suns) de Frangipani.

Brother Jacqueline has never been prolaimed saint so the history has reported this picture to Saint Claire.

Simone Martini 049.jpg

FrViPofm 21:05, 29 January 2008 (UTC) A Franciscan Friar