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Amphibiaweb link: {{{1}}}

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Use this template to add a reference to a subfamily on the web site amphibiaweb.org.
Note: For amphibians, Commons (category, taxonavigation) follows ASW more than Amphibiaweb
Note: This template can be used in conjunction with {{taxoconflict}}, {{taxa}}, {{genera}}, {{genera2}}, {{species}}, {{species2}} and {{subspecies}} with parameter "source=Amphibiaweb" or "source=Amphibiaweb & ASW" or "source=Amphibiaweb & ITIS" (See here the different values for source)
{{Amphibiaweb subfamily | Hylinae | Rafinesque, 1815 }}
{{Amphibiaweb subfamily | Hylinae }}
Amphibiaweb link: Hylinae Rafinesque, 1815
Amphibiaweb link: Hylinae
{{Amphibiaweb subfamily | subfamilyName | author }}
  • subfamilyName
the subfamily name
Sample (for Hylinae): Hylinae
  • author (optional)
The author's name (Currently there is no way to provide author from the website)
Sample (for Hylinae): Rafinesque, 1815
Use sample
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