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Similar to {{BSicon quote}}, but this template accepts from two to five BSicon names and displays an inline bordered swatch with all of them superimposed. The first icon is the foremost (topmost) one, the next icon is behind it, and so on. Optionally, the composite image can be followed by their names spelled out, separated with the "※" sign (which is clearer for this than "+", as the plus symbol is used in icon names), or alternate text. To set the size of the icons, use the PX parameter (without "x" before the value but with "px" following it).


Input Result
{{BS-o|uKRZ|KRX}} BSicon KRX.svgBSicon uKRZ.svg 
{{Bs-o|uKRZ|KRX}} BSicon KRX.svgBSicon uKRZ.svg 
{{bso|lINT|uKRZ|KRX}} BSicon KRX.svgBSicon uKRZ.svgBSicon lINT.svg 
{{BS-o|DNULfq|uexlHST|DST|uKRX|exSTRq|txt=}} BSicon exSTRq.svgBSicon uKRX.svgBSicon DST.svgBSicon uexlHST.svgBSicon DNULfq.svg 
{{BS-o|uKRZ|KRX|txt=anything}} BSicon KRX.svgBSicon uKRZ.svg (uKRZKRX) 
{{BS-o|uKRZ|KRX|alt=anything}} BSicon KRX.svgBSicon uKRZ.svg (anything) 
{{BS-o|uKRZ|KRX|PX=40px}} BSicon KRX.svgBSicon uKRZ.svg 
{{BS-o|DNULfq|uexlHST|DST|nobr=anything}} anythinganythinganything 

See also[edit]

  • {{BSicon quote}} to display a single BSicon, with or without a text label
  • {{BSO}} for use within a cell in a WikiTable, XML table, or route map template