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This category is located at [[:Category:]]

Note: This category should be empty. Any content should be recategorised.
This tag should be used on existing categories that are likely to be used by others, even though the "real" category is elsewhere. Redirected categories should be empty and not categorised themselves. It should not be used on categories that are misspellings and thus unlikely to be used by other people. Such categories should be tagged as: {{speedy|Wrong name, see Category:correct name}}.

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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Category redirect/doc.

This template can be used in categories to redirect to categories.
See Rename a category for further information.
In biology:
Note: if you want to edit this template, first try your modifications on {{Category redirect/sandbox}}.You can then test your edits in {{Category redirect/testcases}}.
When the new version is ready, ask an administrator to move it to the main template. You can do that by putting a {{edit request}} in the template talk page and explaining that the admin just needs to copy the sandbox code into the main template.

{{category redirect|Name of target-category (without the "Category:" prefix) | reason=<reason for the redirect>}}

All pages tagged by this template are automatically categorized in Category:Category redirects.
Redirected categories that contain files show up in Category:Non-empty category redirects.
Redirects to self or non-existent pages show up in Category:Broken category redirects with sortkeys:
* = redirects to self.
! = redirects to non-existent page (or possibly malformed, e.g. including the Category: prefix.)
- = not the category namespace.

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