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OTRS Noticeboard
Welcome to the OTRS Noticeboard

Please sign your posts using four tildes (~~~~), and add {{Section resolved|1=~~~~}} once issue is resolved.

Please read the FAQ before posting.

Include all relevant details about your inquiry that you have including the filename, OTRS agent's username, OTRS ticket number (16 digits long, formatted as [[ticket:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]]), the date you e-mailed us and/or anything else you feel is important.

If you are coming here after receiving a notice about a file you uploaded, please ensure that you have forwarded us a copy of the email from the copyright holder. If you have not, please do so and send the permission to permissions-commons@wikimedia.org as soon as possible to avoid deletion.

Please do not post here to request permission to use an image. We can't give you such permission. Read Commons:Reusing content outside Wikimedia instead.

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