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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Emoticon/doc.

Use any of the following parameters to generate the relevant emotes
Output Parameter(s) (subst:) Code
Face-smile.svg 1 :) :-) smile [[File:Face-smile.svg|18px]]
Face-wink.svg 2 ;) ;-) wink [[File:Face-wink.svg|18px]]
Face-grin.svg 3 :D :-D [[File:Face-grin.svg|18px]]
Face-crying.svg 4 cry [[File:Face-crying.svg|18px]]
Face-sad.svg 5 :( sad [[File:Face-sad.svg|18px]]
Face-devil-grin.svg 6 bravo devil [[File:Face-devil-grin.svg|18px]]
Face-angel.svg 7 angel [[File:Face-angel.svg|18px]]
Face-glasses.svg 8 [[File:Face-glasses.svg|18px]]
Face-smile-big.svg 9 bigsmile [[File:Face-smile-big.svg|18px]]
Face-surprise.svg 10 :O :-O [[File:Face-surprise.svg|18px]]
Face-kiss.svg 11 kiss [[File:Face-kiss.svg|18px]]
Thumb up icon.svg 12 ok thumbsup [[File:Thumb up icon.svg|18px]]
Thumb down icon.svg 13 thumbsdown [[File:Thumb down icon.svg|18px]]
Shade.png 14 8) cool [[File:Shade.png|18px]]
Face-tongue.svg 15 :P [[File:Face-tongue.svg|18px]]
Face-confused.svg 16 :S confused [[File:Face-confused.svg|18px]]
Face-blush.svg 17 :") :$ blush [[File:Face-blush.svg|18px]]
Facepalm3.svg 18 facepalm [[File:Facepalm3.svg|18px]]

See also[edit]

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