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This template should be used in categories and articles as {{Taxonavigation}}'s parameter include=
There are such templates for:

include=Bivalvia fossils|
authority=Linnaeus, 1758}}

Automatic categories
You could provide following parameters to have automatic categories added to species and genera:
categorizeSpeciesIn=parentName|      <-- Only if parent contains multiple genera
categorizeGeneraIn=parentName|       <-- Only if parent contains subfamilies or tribes
categorizeSubtribesIn=parentName|       <-- Only if parent contains tribes AND subtribes
categorizeTribesIn=parentName|       <-- Only if parent contains subfamilies AND tribes
categorizeSubfamiliesIn=parentName|       <-- Only if parent contains clades containing subfamilies
categorizeFamiliesIn=parentName|       <-- Only if parent contains multiple families

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