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This documentation is transcluded from Template:InlineImageAnnotations/doc.

This template can be used to restrict the display of image annotations in articles where the image appears. The template is intended to be used only on pages in the File namespace. You place it on a file description page to specify how notes on the file should be displayed when the image is used in articles. It does not activate display if notes are switched off for a given group of users or images in the site-wide configuration.


The template takes two parameters, inline and thumb. Both can be set to one of three values:

  • show: allow showing of notes in articles
  • hide: forbid showing of notes in articles
  • icon: do not show the notes in articles, but if the image has notes, show a little indicator icon.

The default for both parameters is show.

The thumb parameter governs the display of notes if the image is included as a thumbnail (as in [[File.Foo.jpg|thumb|...]]), while the inline parameter specifies if the image is not thumbnailed (as in [[File:Foo.jpg|600px]]). If inline=hide is specified, the display of notes is switched off also for thumbnails.

To allow display of notes only for inline images, but to show only an icon on thumbnails, use


or just


To only show icons on all images, use


To not show notes on thumbnails at all, but to show them for inlined uses of the image, use