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This file is not confirmed to be correct, because it is lacking important source information:
Please edit this file's description and provide a proper source.
HELP: (1) The picture claims to show an original insignia. Own work is therefor no proper source. The provided source doesn't show an original depiction nor an orinal description and is probably POV (point of view). (2) For coat of arms please use the blason and/or the picture of an original interpretation of the blason to provide an adequate source, but at least one or more refernces to literature. (3) If this depiction is a derivative of other picture(s) please use the template Template:Derived from to avoid sequence errors to make this work more transparent for other users and to avoid an infringement of the copyright licence of the pictures this one is derived from. In some cases it also might be polite to name the author of those pictures, in other cases it might be obligatory. Thank you for your great work.