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This documentation is transcluded from Template:RankNeedsItalic/doc.

This templates returns 1 if a taxon rank requires italic (species, genus...) and 0 it italic is not required (familia, ordo...).
Nuvola apps important.svg This template should only return 0 or 1 and cannot detect bad parameters by adding a category. This detection should be done by {{CheckSingularLatinRank}}.
Nuvola apps important.svg The parameter is a rank in latin, singular, not in english.
Note: to accept singular and plural latin ranks, simply call {{CheckSingularLatinRank|{{PluralLatinRank2SingularLatin|...}} }}
This template is used by:
For genus: {{#ifexpr:{{RankNeedsItalic| genus }}| put in italic | no italic }}
For familia: {{#ifexpr:{{RankNeedsItalic| familia }}| put in italic | no italic }}
For genus: put in italic
For familia: no italic
{{#ifexpr:{{RankNeedsItalic| singularLatinRank }}| put in italic | no italic }}
  • singularLatinRank
the rank (latin, singular, not in english) of the taxons.
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