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Emblem-question-red.svg References for this description (or part of the description) or for the data in the file are not provided.
Reason: Please see the relevant discussion on the talk page.


This template is used for files in which the data used to create the file is unsourced. Please state clearly for which data the source is required.

Add {{References missing|detail}} to the top of the description page of the file, replacing "detail" with what exactly is missing. To specify the talk page section for discussion, use {{References missing|detail|talk page section name}}.

If the description of the file seems to be wrong or not to match the content of the file please use {{Fact disputed}}.

This template will categorize into Category:Media data without source.

See also[edit]

Disputed / inaccurate:
Disputed / something missing:
  • {{Clarify}} – an in-line template
  • {{LackingInsigniaSource}}insignia
  • {{References missing}} for files where the description needs references
Fictional (consciously):

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