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{{[[Template Talk:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}Talk]]}}

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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Ttl/doc.

Ttl stands for Template talk link. It creates a simple pipe-tricked link to a template talk page and surrounds it with {{...}}.


  • {{ttl|template name to display}}


See also[edit]

  • {{tl}} - a link to template main page ({{template}})
  • {{tl2}} - same but formats it with <tt></tt> (teletype) ({{template}})
  • {{t}} - same thing but makes the brackets part of the link ({{template}})
  • {{tlx}} - allows for parameters ({{template|param1|param2}})
  • {{tls}} - puts "subst:" before the template name ({{subst:template}})
  • {{tlsx}} - puts "subst:" before the template name, allows for parameters ({{subst:template|param1|param2}})