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|- |rowspan=2; valign=top|{{{1}}} |rowspan=2; valign=top|{{{2}}} |rowspan=2; valign=top|[[Image:Uyghur - Arabic script - isolated form - {{{3}}} (IPA {{{2}}}).svg|50px|{{{3}}}]] |valign=top|{{{3}}} |rowspan=2; valign=top|[[Image:Uyghur - Arabic script - final form - {{{5}}} (IPA {{{2}}}).svg|50px|{{{5}}}]] |valign=top|{{{5}}} |colspan=2; rowspan=2; valign=top; align=center| (-) |colspan=2; rowspan=2; valign=top; align=center| (-) |- |U+{{{4}}} |U+{{{6}}}


Uyghur Arabic isolated & final (no initial or medial forms) has these parameters:

  1. Library of Congress transliteration
  2. IPA
  3. Isolated form
  4. Unicode for isolated form
  5. Final form
  6. Unicode for final form

For the Unicode values, only enter the code point (eg for "U+062E", only put "062E").

See also: template:uaifim (+ initial, medial)