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This file has been universally replaced by [[:File:{{{new_image}}}]] by CommonsDelinker. The replacement was issued by [[User:{{{user}}}|{{{user}}}]] with the following comment: {{{comment}}}

See the CommonsDelinker log for a list of replacements and GlobalUsage for any current use of this file.
  • Users: Do not add this tag yourself. Instead add {{duplicate}} to the image and an administrator will ask CommonsDelinker to replace the images.

Information icon.svg This template employs some extremely complicated or esoteric features of template syntax.
Please do not attempt to alter it unless you are certain that you understand the setup and are prepared to repair/revert any consequent collateral damage if the results are unexpected. Any experiments should be conducted in the sandbox or your userspace.

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Images that embed this template are placed in Category:Universally replaced by CommonsDelinker.