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Use this template on a taxon category or gallery to provide all the taxon's Common names or vernacular names in all languages
Note: if you want to edit this template, first try your modifications on {{VN/sandbox}}.You can then test your edits in {{VN/testcases}}.
When the new version is ready, you can move it to the main template.
Note: {{VN}} uses Module:Wikidata4Bio and {{VN/sandbox}} uses Module:Wikidata4Bio/sandbox

The result of:

  |af=Afrikaans name
  |de=Deutscher Name (German name)
  |fr=Nom français (French name)
  |la=antic Latin name (Please, not the scientific name: the Latin name for wolf is ''lupus'' not ''Canis lupus''))


 Vernacular names
  • Afrikaans: Afrikaans name
  • Deutsch: Deutscher Name (German name)
  • français: Nom français (French name)
  • Latina: antic Latin name
(Note: no wikidata item is associated with this template)

{{VN}} can retrieve vernacular names from wikidata. (From wikidata's Interwiki and Label when they are different from scientific name(s). Scientific name(s) are commons pagename and wikidata property P225) Use:
  • useWikidata=1 to activate the functionnality. The item associated with current category/gallery will be used (Warning: This can be problematic when there are multiple VN in the same category).
  • useWikidata=0 to disable it.
  • when useWikidata is not provided:
    • If sciname= is provided, VN will use wikidata only if sciname == category/article name (Very useful in Rhipiduridae where multiple VN are displayed by inclusion of Rhipidura)
    • if sciname is not provided, VN will check if multiple VN are used in the category/gallery (Like here) in which case wikidata is not used. In that case you can set |useWikidata=1 on the first VN corresponding to the gallery/category and |useWikidata=0 on the following VN (Very usefull in Megapodiidae which has multiple VN directly in its wiki code)
Please add translations to Template:VN/title (+/−). All you have to translate is "Vernacular names".
Comparison with {{translation table}}
VN is not redundant nor always interchangeable with {{translation table}}. These serve different purposes. "Vernacular names" does not mean the same as "Translations". {{VN}} should only be used for things that have universal scientific names (e.g. taxa). {{translation table}} is for translations of the language-specific names we use here. {{translation table}} may be used in place of {{VN}}, but not vice-versa.
This template (actually, the VN/ subtemplate) emits a species microformat.
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