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Scots: Walcome tae the Commons, Welcome/sco!
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Crystal Clear app korganizer.png First staps guide

Oor first steps help file n oor FAQ will help ye a heap efter loggin in. Thay tell ye hou tae chynge the interface (fer exaumple the leid), hou tae uplaid files n oor licensin policie. Ye dinna hae tae ken technical skeels tae contreebute here. Be bald contreebutin here n assume guid faith fer the wills o ithers. This is ae wiki ‒ it's aye eith!

Icon apps query.svg Gettin help

Mair information is at the Communitie Portal. Ye micht wint tae frain at the Help desk, Clachan Wall or on IRC channel #wikimedia-commons (direct ingate). Ye can collogue wi a sysop on thair tauk page n aw. Gif ye hae ae speceefic copiericht speir, frain Commons talk:Licensing.

Transmission icon.png Guid gibbles, tips an swicks
  • Eik Babel boxes tae yer uiser page sae that ithers ken whit leids ye can speak n shaw thaim yer Eemage abeelitie.
  • Aw o yer uplaids ar starit in yer ain Gallerie
  • Please sign yer cries on tauk pages bi typin ~~~~
  • Uise the CommonSense tuil tae fynd guid categeries fer yer files (than ithers can fynd them n aw!)
  • Tae airt tae an eemage page wioot shawin the eemage, type: [[:Image:Foo.jpg]], that maks: Image:Foo.jpg
  • Gif ye'r copiein files fae anither waurk, be sair tae uise the CommonsHelper
Nuvola filesystems trashcan full.png Makkit a mistak?
  • Did ye want tae chynge or muiv ae file? Simplie uplaid the file again n maurk the auld yin lik this: {{rename|Richt crie|numeric rationale|Addeetional raison}}
  • Fer mair information read the ful Deletion guidlins
(P.S. Wid ye lik tae eik feedback aneat this messege?)

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