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Note. This template is only a proposal. See Commons talk:WikiProject Flags#Flag template and flag finder for more information.


This template is designed to present summary information on a flag. It contains both mandatory and optional fields. The empty version with all fields is as follows:


Using this version of the table will result in the following default being created on the page where the template is used:

Flag of
used by
current since
created by
colours see included flag
other characteristics

The variables that will always appear in the template are:

  • NAME
  • OF
  • FROM

If these variables are empty, no text is returned.

The remaining rows in the table are optional and they only appear if they actually have something in them since not all flags on Wikimedia Commons need these attributes. They are:

  • FIAV
  • TYPE

The variable DEFAULT indicates whether this is the flag served by the Wikimedia Commons server when Flag of COUNTRY.svg is fetched.

The usage of each row is as follows:

  • NAME — Name of the flag
  • DEFAULT — If this variable has a value, an asterisk will appear next to NAME.
  • OTHERNAMES — Other names of the flag
  • COUNTRY — Country to which the flag belongs
  • OF — Object, which uses the flag
  • FROM — Date, when the flag was officially introduced
  • UNTIL — Date, when the flag was officially disestablished (only to be specified if the flag is not current)
  • CREATOR — Creator of the flag, if known
  • FORMAT — proportion height:width
  • FIAV — FIAV-Code (six binary numbers). Usage of these codes can be found here
  • TYPE — Usage not covered by FIAV
  • MAINCOLORS — main colors of the flags
  • SHAPE — shape of the flag (only to be specified if not rectangular)
  • CHARACTERISTICS — see below

To input information into the table simply insert it after the equals sign on each row as appropriate. It is recommended that FIAV= is always included even if it is blank.


These templates can be used under CHARACTERISTICS if a flag has any of these characteristics. Parameters are in italics.

  • {{Horizontal stripes|number of horizontal stripes}} — Parameter: number of horizontal stripes
  • {{Vertical stripes|number of vertical stripes}} — Parameter: number of vertical stripes
  • {{Crescent}} — if a crescent is depicted on the flag
  • {{Full moon}} — if a full moon is depicted on the flag
  • {{Sun}} — if the sun is depicted on the flag
  • {{Cross}} — if a cross is depicted on the flag
  • {{Hammer and sickle}} — if a hammer and sickle are depicted on the flag
  • {{Arm|lemma on Commons of the depicted arm}} — can be used more than one time
  • {{Tool|lemma on Commons of the depicted tool or instrument}} — can be used more than one time
  • {{Organism|Latin name of the depicted animal/plant/creature}} — can be used more than one time
  • {{Stripe|left;right;center|horizontal;vertical;diagonal}}
  • {{Stars|number of stars in the flag|optional identifier for specific formation (e.g. Southern Cross)}}
  • {{Includes coat of arms|Name of the image showing the coat of arms, which is included in this flag}} — can be used more than one time
  • {{Includes flag|Name of the image showing the flag, which is included in this flag}} — can be used more than one time
  • {{Includes text|text of a included writing}} — can be used more than one time
  • {{Includes map|Name of the Commons gallery showing the territory, whose map is included in this flag}} — can be used more than one time

Example of Usage[edit]

The markup below produces the table after the markup:

|NAME=Flag of Foobar
|OTHERNAMES=Foobarese Democratic Party Flag, "Old Foobar"
|OF=Foobaria, Foobaria Democratic Party
|TYPE=Civil aviation ensign, naval jack
{{Tbc|0|0|40|104|blue}} {{Tbc|4|204|119|34|ochre}}

Flag of Foobar*
other names Foobarese Democratic Party Flag, "Old Foobar"
country Foobaria
used by Foobaria, Foobaria Democratic Party
current since 1970-1-1
created by Foo Bar
format 1:2
shape rectangular
FIAV FIAV 111000.svg
also used as Civil aviation ensign, naval jack
red rendered as RGB 191 010 048
yello rendered as RGB 254 215 000
blue rendered as RGB 000 040 104
ochre rendered as RGB 204 119 034
other characteristics flag contains 4 starsStar.jpg (special formation of the stars: Southern Cross).

Note that this markup shows that the file name is Flag of Foobaria.svg (See Country and Default variables).