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There seems a need to come to a proper category system for the Chinese radicals.
To enable this, some temporary categories are established to check the state of that work.
When that category cleanup is finished, there will be no longer need for them,
and this categories will be removed; the templates will be changed to not longer feed them.

These are the templates:   (total radicals file count: 1812)

template SOlicense ACClicense ARlicense Rcat (m) Rcat (i) Rcat (x) Rcat ( )
category SOP radicals ACC radicals ARQ radicals CIM radicals ArlasIt radicals Kangxi Ch.rad. Rcat radicals
rad.count 540 610 57 62 48 219 276

In the template-filled non-temporary Category:Radical0 are currently 214 (of 214+1) subcategories.

The template-filled non-temporary Category:Unicode CJK-0 has currently 338 (of ~640) radical subcategories.

Further information: Category:Unicode BMP