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Albanian:Ulqin, Italian:Dulcingo, Latin:Olcinium, Ilyrian:Ulkinon,

Ulcinj is one of the oldest towns on the Adriatic coast. Traces of early settlements indicate that ancient Ulcinj belonged to the Illyrians, tribes of Indo-European origin. The Old Town was founded under the name of Colchinium, after its founders. The greatest progress was achieved during the time of the free Illyrian state. In the second century B.C., Ulcinj was seized by the Romans from the Illyrian tribe,Olciniatas (163 B.C.); then the ancient Colchinum became Olcinium, under Roman rule gaining the status Opida Civum Romanorum a town with special privileges. It became a Municipium, an independent town, some time later.




City walls[edit]