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Edouard Mandon is/was a French painter, presumably born in 1900.[1] He painted, amongst others, seascape, marine and especially wave scenes, and signed his oil paintings with "Ed. Mandon".

According to vague information found on the web, he has painted some of his works in the 1930s, but his actual creative period as well as other personal information are unknown.

Well, I own a fine print of one of Ed Mandon's wave paintings, but didn't know anything about him before I started to search the web. I only knew his name from the signature on it (no year stated there, btw). Some of his paintings are traded on online auction platforms from different countries obviously (rather low prices though; he seems to be fairly unknown). So I started this page to collect more information.
In case you know anything else about him – his date of birth (or death?), location, or such – please simply click the "edit" tab above and add it to this page. You don't have to care about formatting if you don't know wikis yet – it's easy, try it out! :-)

Known titles[edit]

  • Arbres au bord d'un étang
  • Bord de l'Isère
  • Effets de vague
  • Les vagues sur la côte
  • Marine
  • Matin près la Teignouse
  • Mer Grise
  • Vague sur un brisant
  • Vagues déferlantes
  • Vagues sur les rochers
  • Vue d'un étang au coucher du soleil
  • Waves breaking on the Shore at Sunset (UK)
           I have abeautiful Edouard Mandon wave painting, it is titled "Surf" . I would love to display a photo of it but don't know how to or any Email address to send it to.   Could you advise me please.   It really is a beautiful painting,and would love to show it. Care of

I'm trying to buy a print (from the 1960's) which was entitled "Song of the surf" by Ed Mandon. There was a blue version and a grey version, it's the grey one I want. Sue Robinson

External links[edit]

I have a Print by Ed Mandon printed in Bristol circa 1960 and marked copyright F&R it is titled 'The Tumbling Waves' and is one of a limited edition of six. I can be contacted by email - I own a grey print of song of the surf contact if you wish to purchase.


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