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— Deep Thoughts, has to be a man —
Note, this user will move to the new user name user:jeblad
User is (nearly) not active anymore at Commons.

Agtfjott/Jeblad can be found on one of the wikipedias for the nordic countries no (admin, no:Spesial:E-post/Jeblad email), nn, sv or at the english wikipedia (en) or (meta). Please use email to contact me as I'm not active on this project.

I prefer the following signatures on my photos

John Erling Blad

If it is necessary (or preferable) the signatures layout can be altered as long as my name is retained, and a link to one of my user pages on is retained or a link to my website is retained. If the photo is included verbatim a link to the image page on or or an other site stating the lisence and source for the photo is retained.


Status på bilder[edit]

Category for my images[edit]

Category:Files by User:Jeblad from no.wikipedia