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Babel user information
fi-N Tämä käyttäjä puhuu suomea äidinkielenään.
en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.
de-2 Dieser Benutzer beherrscht Deutsch auf fortgeschrittenem Niveau.
sv-2 Den här användaren har medelgoda kunskaper i svenska.
ja-1 この利用者は初級日本語ができます。
Users by language

"Anonyymi" means Anonymous in Finnish. Simple, huh? I have an account in with the same name.

My skills[edit]

I'm a good drawer with paper and pencil, but I pretty much suck at drawing with mouse. I have decent skills in Photoshop. I intend to get a drawing tablet someday soon, so I can draw with computer, too. (I used "beginner", because like I said, I suck at drawing with mouse, and since I don't have that drawing tablet yet... yeah.)

BG-1 This user is able to contribute at a basic level to bitmap graphics.