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ISO 10646 Codification for compound kind[edit]

ISO10646 provide a complete codification reference (see ISO10646) to describe the compound typology (see the publication Dec. for ISO/IEC 10646 Ideographic Characters.

It already handle even the three characters and other special compounds. I'm reporting that here:

Smbl       Code p. Name in ISO 10646               Cardinality     Label
吅       2FF0    IDC LEFT TO RIGHT               IDC2            A
吕       2FF1    IDC ABOVE TO BELOW              IDC2            B
罒       2FF2    IDC LEFT TO MIDDLE AND RIGHT    IDC3            K
目       2FF3    IDC ABOVE TO MIDDLE AND BELOW   IDC3            L
回       2FF4    IDC FULL SURROUND               IDC2            I
冂       2FF5    IDC SURROUND FROM ABOVE         IDC2            F
凵       2FF6    IDC SURROUND FROM BELOW         IDC2            G
匚       2FF7    IDC SURROUND FROM LEFT          IDC2            H
厂       2FF8    IDC SURROUND FROM UPPER LEFT    IDC2            D
勹       2FF9    IDC SURROUND FROM UPPER RIGHT   IDC2            C
匕       2FFA    IDC SURROUND FROM LOWER LEFT    IDC2            E
.       2FFB    IDC OVERLAID                    IDC2            J
--- Some more code taken from the one in use at Chinese Characters Decomposition
一               Graphical primitive, non composition (second character is always *)
咒               Vertical composition, the top part being a repetition.
弼               Horizontal composition of three, the third being the repetition of the first.
品               Repetition of three.
叕               Repetition of four.
冖               Vertical composition, separated by "冖".
?               Unclear, seems compound but ...