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My name is Tim Moritz (user-name Bücherwürmlein, which is the German word for a small book-worm), I live in Münster (Westfalia).

I am mainly active at de.wikipedia since February 2007, administrator since February 2008 and mentor since November 2007. In addition, I am member of the German chapter, active as a referee and special projects (mainly education and knowledge and the teahouse) and very interested in the global "Wikimedia movement" in general. From May to October 2013, I have been working as Wikipedian in Residence for #ZDFcheck (de.wp).


Talk page (meta)MailIRC-Nick: buecherwuermlein


  • May - October 2013: Wikipedian in Residence at #ZDFcheck.
  • Begin in November 2012: Adapting the en. teahouse-project for de.wikipedia ()
    • November 3: Presentation at the Wikimedia Nederland Conferentie
    • November 10: Presentation at the Wikikmedia Diversity Conference
  • Begin in April 2010 (open end): Try to compare and collect approaches concerning the handling of new editors (cf. meta)
    • July 9–11, 2010: Wikimania 2010 in Gdansk, Poland, talk about Mentoring programs: German mentoring program and international comparison.
    • October 15–17, 2010: Mentor's meet-up in Meißen near Dresden, Germany: Presentation of the results at Wikimania.
  • June 4–6, 2010: Program and attendee coordinator for the Skillshare-Conference held in Lüneburg, Germany.