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I'm new to Wikimedia Commons so please excuse any irregularities in my post.

I was really interested to find the following and it seems you cataloged it?

Do you have any information on this house's history or owners? It was the home of my great-great aunt back after the turn of the century and as far as I can tell, her sister inherited it. I actually was in the house when I was a kid in 1967 and was really surprised that it was not only still standing, that it is on the National Register of Historic Places. When I saw it, it was really in bad shape and in need of major repair and renovation.

I'm not really sure of the actual street address. Do you know? The 1910 US Census had what appears to be an incorrect address (3915 Woodland Avenue) for my Great Great Aunt (Elizabeth), and in the 1930 census, it had a different street number (4002 Woodland Avenue) for the Great Great aunt (Alberta) that lived there when I was a kid. Google Maps shows it as 4018 Woodland Avenue. It is on the corner of Woodland Terrace and Woodland Avenue.

Thanks for any info you might have or any links you may direct me to for more information.