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About me..
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Hallo! My name is Andrea, also known as Andrew or Drew even though my wiki-nick is ßøuñçêY2K. I was born on 25th may 1987 in Fiesole, a little village near Florence (Italy). I've been living in Florence since birth.

On 11th January 2006 I started working for Commons; on 17th July 2006 I became Admin (see voting). For any question feel free to contact me.

Why this nickname[edit]

It all started in the summer of 2000. Y2K means year 2 k; K is for 1000. In that period — don't remember exactly when — I was always listening to the song Purple Pills by D12, which contains the word bounce a lot of times. Now that you know this bizarre story.. are you happy? Face-surprise.svg

Contact me..
  • Talk page (commons): here
  • Talk page ( here
  • E-mail: bouncey2k at gmail dot com
  • bouncey2k at gmail dot com
  • MSN: ---
  • Skype: ---
I speak..
Flag of Italy.svg This user speaks italian at a native level.
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