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Welcome to my Commons userpage I am Carly! Check out my uploads and feel free to contact me.

Parque de Providencia,Santiago..jpg
A picture by me
Born Carly
Residence Santiago
Nationality Chilean
Other names Carlita,Carli
Occupation Student
Years active 1
Home town Santiago
Height 1,65
Weight 57,6 kg
Religious beliefs Christian

Hey there! My name is Carly and I am a Spanish wikipedian who comes from Chile.I upload all kind of images,mainly of my city and places I visit.I edit English Wikipedia,i love make translations on Meta among other things. Over a year ago I support Wikipedia Teahouse Proyect that is very useful for new users and everyone in general,so dont forget join us!

Also you can contact me via IRC freenode where you can find me with the nick Carly,I am an unofficial helper of freenode network and a PDPC supporter and Fosscon.

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Little Gallery of contributions to Commons[edit]

Lol Plaza de Providencia Plaza de Providencia Centro Comercial Centro comercial Cupcake Pink Flower Chilean Flag  Chilean Police

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