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My name is Charlie...., hehehe[edit]

The dog has not the fault for my actions
CharlesWiki Data
Real Name Never revealed
Location Bogota, Colombia
Current Aliases Dr TeChNo
Age Closer to the 20's (that I can reveal)
Email Wouldn't click there if I were you!!!
Known Used Messaging Systems ICQ: 29242424
MSN Messenger: The Email
Interests Anime (Hope to get a job in the WikiProject there)

As my profile states, There is enough Information for you. My purpose here is to help on what I can to this "Wiki" mporium of knowledge. I am a huge supporter of GNU and free software policies and also a huge fan of three things: Anime, movies (Hollywood ones, not the indep"crap"endent) and music. I wish to work on a variety of projects specially the ones of Anime and Comics that are in development, so contact me if you can